A Coastal Drive with Cape Cub

A Coastal Drive with Cape Cub

Cape Cub started life as the bedroom solo project of award-winning UK based songwriter and producer Chad Male. Now joined by four bandmates, Cape Cub just released their first full band single ‘Moonglow’.

Says Chad Male about their sound: “Musically, and I swear this is without immodesty, we take our cues from the arenas. We’re unashamed of saying some of our biggest influences are the ones we grew up listening to like The Killers, U2, Springsteen, The Eagles, Kate Bush, Death Cab For Cutie and The Cure. Those are the acts that aren’t scared of having that fire in their hearts. We’re equally informed by the intimate, hauntingly beautiful melodies and prose of the likes of Joni Mitchell and even Bon Iver, too.”

Cape Cub invited us to this coastal drive, with a proper introduction to every song. Have a look below, and press play for your next ride down any coast.

Here’s my coastal road trip playlist for when things really suck and you want to get away for a bit. It’s mainly a daytime playlist, but we’re rounding things off with a gentle slope into the evening the further you go. – Chad Male

1. Best Coast – Feeling Ok
Just the right amount of angst and positive vibes. This in my opinion is the track to really kick things off on the dreamy coastal road trip.

2. A Blaze of Feather – Six Years
Beautiful guitar lines and an easy spirit to take you through. Sometimes a song makes you think neither about the past nor future, but just eases you, right there in the present. This is one of them.

3. Warpaint – New Song
This song is texturally interesting and incredibly competent on a musical level, yet it’s also an absolute pop dream and so damn catchy.

4. Phoebe Bridgers – Motion Sickness
We’re all in love with this album. It’s such a beautiful album to listen to with such a beautiful turn of phrase. This song works in 30 degree heat while you’re on the beach, and when you’re sat in the car with the rain hammering down on the windshield.

5. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Dosed
Frusciante at his most melodic and the band at their absolute best. We all collectively embrace that this is one of our favourite songs and only wish we could write a song like this.

6. Death Cab For Cutie – Your New Twin Sized Bed
Ben Gibbard – one of the best indie rock songwriters of our generation right? There ain’t a time nor place where Death Cab won’t be appreciated in my life. This song illustrates how clever he is as a lyricist and how simple production always wins.

7. Local Natives – Dark Days
This sounds like sonic coconut milk. Its straight up easy-summer vibes never tire, and I won’t need to sway anyone on why this song is an essential playlist addition for a road trip.

8. The Eagles – Take It Easy
‘Lighten up while you still can, don’t even try to understand. Just find a place to make your stand, and take it easy’. THAT’s what makes The Eagles one of the best bands to have ever graced our planet.

9. Sunset Sons – Running Man
This is a new song from our boys in Sunset Sons. They’re a super good bunch of dudes and they have a knack for penning catchy songs, sometimes with a subtle hint of darkness about them. They’re surfers too so a coastal road trip wouldn’t be complete without them.

10. Kita Alexander – Damage Done
We found Kita’s music not so long ago actually, and although we’re a bit late to the party she’s got some incredible tunes, especially this one.

11. Jimi Hendrix – Little Wing
THEM guitar tones. The sound of this song is perfect for when you’re driving past endless miles of coastline and you’re not thinking about a thing back home.

12. Joni Mitchell – Carey
This song was inspired by her time on a Greek Island. It now makes me picture being underneath the sun, surrounded by opal blue water and dreaming of the world I’m a million miles away from. Until then, the north east coast of the UK and our cold water will have to do.

13. Beach Boys – Kokomo
Oh man this band just screams summer, the sea, and the sun. Need I say any more?

14. One Republic – Future Looks Good
We love music that touches on the pop landscape too, and Ryan Tedder knows how to write a pop anthem that a band can play. This is definitely one of them. Uplifting and almost spiritual, it’s a strong tune for when everyone has their head out the window.

15. Bleachers – Don’t Take the Money
Jack Antonoff is a God amongst men. He is one of my favourite songwriters and the production has influenced our new music hugely. So ambitious, clever, melodic and grand, but so dark in places too.

16. The Killers – Runaways
Bold and epic, emotional and weathered. We always blast this song in the van and it’s our song of choice to get pumped before a show. A road trip is the ideal moment to get this song on full blast.

17. Pure Devotion – Turnover
Drive-time tempo, easy guitars and smooth vocals. It’s about as effortless and beautiful as you want a road-trip to be.

18. Llovers – I Don’t Mind
Our good friends in Llovers make the kind of summer songs that need to be heard by people all over. I’ve just started producing their next EP and I’m stoked to be working with such talented dudes.


19. Bon Iver – 8 (circle)
It’s starting to head into the night now on the road trip. The sun is going down. The light of day is fading. Time for Bon Iver. Time for this beautiful song.

20. Nick Mulvey – Punta Cometa – Dancing for the Answers (Alt Version)
I love how this song just paints a nighttime landscape. This song makes me think about all the life around us at night; from the life underwater to the nature that surrounds.

21. Ben Howard – Towing the Line
I was mesmerised by his recent performance on this on Jools Holland. Haunting, nocturnal, and cathartic at the same time. I just want to watch surf videos in slow motion to this.

22. Maggie Rogers – Dog Years
It has that 80s wholesomeness to it, but married with modern space. I’m so addicted to Maggie’s music and I can’t wait to hear an album when it surfaces.

23. The Cure – Inbetween Days
Hands down one my favourite songs of all time and Robert Smith just nails the happy-sad thing so well. It’s music for the night, especially a night drive.

24. Pixies – Where Is My Mind
Dark, twisted, introspective and a bit damn weird. I love this song so much.

25. The Temper Trap – Soldier On
We were lucky enough to meet these dudes at a festival in the UK and exchange Twitter follows. I’ve seen them live a few times and they’ve turned into one of my all-time favourite bands. Such beautiful and strong music.

26. Coldplay – Ink
This album is easily the best Coldplay album. It’s so beautiful and when you’re in the car on a night drive it’s such a personal listening experience. With the sky a deep hue of indigo and the stars on full display, this is the song is the last one to play before you pitch up and start the campfire for a night under the sky.

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