Alice Bag Exclusively Premieres “Invisible” on TIDAL

Alice Bag Exclusively Premieres “Invisible” on TIDAL

Given the current hellscape that is our country at present, some of us might find ourselves “courting oblivion with a lover’s zeal,” much like the protagonist in Alice Bag’s new video for “Invisible.” That video, directed by Marisol Baltierra, premieres exclusively on TIDAL today (March 22) in advance of Bag’s upcoming second solo album, Blueprint (out March 23 on Don Giovanni Records).

The bandage-swaddled, dark-glasses-and-hat-sporting gentleman (a nod to the iconic H.G. Wells character) makes his way through Los Angeles with more than a few bottles in tow, an animated wraith against a black and white, deadened world. Alice Bag may be a legendary Latina punk rocker who fronted L.A.’s the Bags in the ’70s, but on this track, she’s a downright crooner, imbuing the melancholy track with no lack of introspection and humanity.

“Most of the songs on my record are about looking for a way to be an active agent in the world, whether through personal growth or by changing things that are wrong with the present system,” Bag tells TIDAL. “‘Invisible’ is about the other option, which is to disengage, to give up power and to eventually lose the ability to love yourself and others.”

Despite the malaise embodied by the star of “Invisible,” it’s difficult to hardcore “court oblivion” with Bag back on the scene. She dropped her self-titled album in 2016, right in the nick of time for the impending #MeToo movement (flip on “No Means No” if the playlist at any given party is getting a bit too misogynistic for you), and Blueprint arrives on a wave of femme energy; it includes guest vocals from the likes of Bikini Kill’s Kathleen Hanna, Bratmobile and TIDAL’s own Allison Wolfe, among several other amazing guests.

And although not a nod to JAY-Z’s iconic work, the album’s title has its own implications, as explicated by Bag: “We’re all constantly building structures of many different kinds,” she says. “So, it’s up to to us keep things on track and moving in the direction we want to see them go. Otherwise, we end up with an idiot in charge.”

Watch “Invisible” and stave off the oblivion for a few.

(Photo credit: Greg Velasquez)

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