Amy Klein Premieres “Nothing” Exclusively on TIDAL

Amy Klein Premieres “Nothing” Exclusively on TIDAL

Unless you’re a deeply delusional person, you’ve probably had more than a few moments in your life when you’ve stared into the void… and the void has stared back. Such was the case with Amy Klein on her new track “Nothing,” which premieres exclusively today (June 1) on TIDAL.

“I am reminding everyone (and myself) to keep their eyes open,” she says of the song. “If I’m going to enter this place of despair, then I want to really feel that place for what it is. I want to understand that feeling and learn from it. I want to turn it into something meaningful or even beautiful. It’s a bit of a dare — like telling life, ‘Come on, do your worst. I’m going to change it into art.’”

“Nothing,” which was recorded and mixed by War on Drugs collaborator Jeff Zeigler (Kurt Vile, Allison Crutchfield), is wreathed in a decidedly chill vibe, in sharp contrast to her previous work with sweaty punk bands like Titus Andronicus. It’s tumultuous, yet somehow bracing, like a raft ride down a wintery waterfall — gorgeous and dangerous all at once.

“I sometimes try to hide from difficulties or pretend they don’t exist,” Klein says, “but this song was more about facing what was wrong in my life head on and deriving strength from the intensity of what I was feeling. I don’t have to view difficult or negative emotions as stumbling blocks. Feeling things very strongly can be a sign of strength, although people tend to treat it as a weakness — particularly in women.”

Check out the track now.

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