‘Atypical’ Stars Share Their Eclectic Playlists

‘Atypical’ Stars Share Their Eclectic Playlists

On Aug. 11, Netflix will welcome its latest original series, Atypical, a drama that follows autistic teen, Sam (played by Keir Gilchrist) as he tries dating for the first time and searches for the meaning of being “normal.” To help him navigate this thing called life, he confides in his friend and co-worker at an electronics store, Zahid (Nik Dodani).

In real life and on-screen, both actors have felt like misfits. Gilchrist admits he had feelings of a high school loner and once portrayed a 16-year-old who checks into an adult psychiatric ward in 2010′s It’s Kind of a Funny Story while Dodani is a gay, Indian-American comedian and activist. Another thing they share is a knack for building genre-hopping playlists. The Atypical pair recently shared an ear-grabbing mix with TIDAL, which ranges from Frank Ocean to Bollywood to Oathbreaker.

“When I was in high school I often felt like an outsider which is something that resonated so much with me when creating the character of Sam on Atypical,“ Gilchrist says. ”One thing that always made me feel less alone and empowered me to get through the school day was the music I loved. Here is a relatively eclectic mix of songs that I still love from that time, stuff that I really dig right now and some that I listened to a lot while filming the first season.”

Adds Dodani: “Atypical is all about questioning what is normal and embracing the things that make you a weirdo. So in that spirit, I picked this eclectic group of songs to illustrate some of my many peculiarities, insecurities, and points of pride.”

Below, both throw in some commentary about each track for their

Nik Dodani’s Picks:

Frank Ocean “Lost”Channel Orange came out right after I finished my first year of college and this song really resonated with me then. I mean, it still resonates. I have no idea what I’m doing.

Frank Ocean “Forrest Gump”: I’ve asked every guy I’ve been into to sing this song to me.

Frank Ocean “Good Guy”: God, how I wish I was the guy in this song…

Rebirth Brass Band “Do Watcha Wanna”: “Seeing Rebirth Brass Band live in New Orleans when I was 18 was the first time I ever danced in public. It was that uninhibited, sweaty, odd kind of dancing that I never let myself do before then.

AR Rahman & Srinivas “Chale Cholo”: I was made fun of for listening to Bollywood music when I was really young, so for most of my childhood, I just didn’t. But this song, from the movie Lagaan, made it into my very first MP3 player.

Awolnation “Jump On My Shoulders”: As a politics major, just getting acquainted with terms like “class warfare,” “systems of oppression,” and “crippling student debt,” this was quite the banger.

K’naan, Snow Tha Product, Riz MC, Residente “Immigrants (We Get The Job Done)”: #Resist

MUNA “Winterbreak”: “Falling in love is easy, young man; falling out is harder.” —George Washington, maybe.

Tame Impala “Yes I’m Changing”: This one’s a shout out to my wonderfully weird boyfriend. Hi, Michael!

Beyoncé ”Freedom” Feat. Kendrick Lamar: And this one speaks for itself.

Keir Gilchrist’s Picks:

Kid Dynamite “Pacifier”: Kid Dynamite was a band I listened to on my way to school almost every day in high school and they are one of the few bands I still find myself going back to regularly now. Every time I listen to it, it brings back memories from that time in my life.

The Jam “Town Called Malice”: The Jam was a band that my dad played a lot when I was a kid. This is a more popular song and they have plenty of amazing ones to choose from but I think that it’s perfect.

Happy Diving “So Bunted”: Love this band. Listened to this song a lot while we were filming Atypical.

Earl Sweatshirt “Grief”: This song is awesome. Earl Sweatshirt is on top of the game when it comes to lyricists.

Sheer Mag “Need To Feel Your Love”: I saw this band for the first time around a year ago and it was one of the best live performances I’ve ever seen. They have been consistently putting out killer music for a while now and it keeps getting better.

Gatecreeper “Desperation”: Great band. Great people. Check out their album “Sonoran Depravation” and get crushed.

Full Of Hell “Vessel Deserted”: Full Of Hell is one of my favorite bands and they have been ever since they released the album Rudiments Of Mutilation. I have more FOH shirts than I’d like to admit and I’ve probably seen them play 10 times. All their music is worth listening to, but this track is extra special for me. That high-pitched scream always makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck.

Oathbreaker “Glimpse Of The Unseen”: Love this song. It’s a lot slower than most of their more blackened fast songs but it always gets me banging my head.

Warthog “Culture?”: First track of their newest release from last year. The whole EP is fantastic but this song gets me really pumped up. Nasty hardcore punk from NYC with super cool catchy riffs.

Catch Atypical on Netflix on Aug. 11. 

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