Ayse Hassan (Savages, Kite Base) on How Record Stores Taught Her To Be Social

Ayse Hassan (Savages, Kite Base) on How Record Stores Taught Her To Be Social

In honor of the tenth anniversary of Record Store Day, we hit up a few of our favorite musicians to find out what vinyl shopping means to them.

Hometown: South East London

Based In: South East London

What’s your favorite record store?

My favorite record store was actually a market stall, located in the back market area of Lewisham (South East London). You could find it if you walked down an alley, between a pub and a butcher. The first stall used to sell tights and knickers, alongside a number of other clothing stalls (you had to walk past all those stalls to find it). I don’t recall it having a name… It was one of the first independent record stores I used to visit from the age of fifteen. I also discovered my love for zines. A record store no longer exists in my hometown. Now, I love Flashback, located on Essex’s Road in Islington.

What were the first records you bought at your hometown record store?

Nine Inch Nails Broken/Fixed. I enjoyed buying random vinyl, in hopes I would discover something interesting. So occasionally I would save money and buy the oldest looking thing I could.

What did you learn from shopping at record stores?

How to be sociable. I was very shy, but later as I built up friendships, I got better at talking to the staff that worked there. I began to feel comfortable in myself and my music taste.

What was the last record you bought? Where?

The Wild Bull, Morton Subotnick.

Why do you still buy records?

I love the format. Having a physical thing you can hold, visually explore and listen to (the sound). It’s exciting.

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