Benjamin Lazar Davis: What Are You Listening To?

Benjamin Lazar Davis: What Are You Listening To?

You may know Benjamin Lazar Davis from his stints with the likes of Okkervil River, Joan as Police Woman and Cuddle Magic,  but come May 4, he strikes out on his own with his debut solo album, Nothing Matters. To celebrate that release, Davis made us a playlist of what he’s currently hooked on.

* * *

Little Dragon, “Twice”
Love the simplicity of the form in this song. I’m always just trying to write this song over and over again in my writing.

Frank Ocean, “Solo (Reprise)”
I learned this song word for word on a giant, six-hour ride in a van with my band Cuddle Magic. It took the whole six hours plus the next car ride!

Lee Brice, “I Drive Your Truck”
This is that great type of sad pop country song whose lyrics are so great to me. This kind of music makes my skin goosebump out!

Joan as Police Woman, “Feed the Light”
Joan plays bass on this track, and it’s still so good no matter how many times I listen to it.

Spirit Fest, “River River”
This is Markus Acher from the Notwist teaming up with the Japanese duo Tenniscoats. I love this and most everything Markus touches.

Rodrigo Amarante, “Mon Nom”
My mate Jeremy Gustin showed me this, and it is so great… Love the low bass (tuba?) sound.

Sam Amidon, “O Death”
This song and the album it is on are so good; I love it so much.

Elliott Smith, “Easy Way Out”
He is the best. The best music to listen to when you’re sad. Definitely a huge influence on me.

Rihanna & SZA, “Consideration”
This song is so amazing. Love the form and the melody. Blows my mind! Especially the SZA parts!

The Comas, “Falling”
My friend Cully Symingtion told me about this song. It’s very secret and from 2003 or something. So amazing, love the production so much. The vocal sound. Very inspirational to recording my record.

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