Big Boi + Phantogram = Big Grams

Big Boi + Phantogram = Big Grams

In music, as with chemistry, combining two disparate substances can a yield a brilliant reaction.

Enter Big Grams, the revelatory collaboration between Big Boi (one half of Outkast) and genre-bending electronic duo Phantogram (Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter).

The two first worked together for Big Boi’s second solo album, Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors (2012), with Phantogram guesting on the tracks “CPU,” “Lines” and “Objectum Sexuality,” the latter of which they also produced.

After teasing us with hints of a joint project this fall with the hashtag #biggrams, the super-group just confirmed the name Big Grams, announced their self-titled debut EP, and shared their first single, “Fell In The Sun.”

The way these two acts came together is a case of modern creative commerce at its best.

The story goes that Big Boi, who has previously worked with non-hip-hop acts like Wavves and Modest Mouse, was surfing the web when Phantogram’s “Mouthful of Diamonds” started auto-playing. Impressed by what he heard, Big Boi Shazamed the track to figure out who it was and arranged for a meeting.

The standout tracks on Vicious Lies revealed a palpable and retrospectively obvious chemistry, which can be heard on both in the shared production work and in the binary orbit of Barthel’s icy vocals and Big Boi’s flowing lyricism. It was only sensible that the three musicians should formally join forces on a side-project all their own. The result is Big Grams.

Big Grams will drop their eponymous 7-song EP on September 25 via Epic Records. They backed up their own talents with the enlistment of Skrillex and Run The Jewels, who are respectively featured on the tracks ”Drum Machine” and “Born To Shine.” Before releasing Big Grams, the group will share two more singles –“Lights” and “Goldmine Junkie.”

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