Black Asteroid: What Are You Listening To?

Black Asteroid: What Are You Listening To?

Producer Bryan Black (a.k.a. Black Asteroid) is planning to release his new album, Thrust, on July 14. Black, a former Prince engineer, chose a healthy selection of ambient and electronic tracks for an exclusive TIDAL playlist.

Cold Cave, “Don’t Blow up the Moon”
After I heard this track, I knew I wanted to collaborate with them for my album. The vocals are cold and expressive, something that works so well with stripped-down electronic music.

Aphex Twin, “Xtal”
From Selected Ambient Works Volume 1. Arguably the best electronic record. I play this almost every day when I wake up. Especially when I wake up in some random hotel somewhere, this record puts everything back together for me.

Front 242, “Operating Tracks”
Sounds very raw and primitive. One of the pioneers of electronic body music, it’s a reminder that less is more. The limitations they had at the time actually worked to their strength.

Depeche Mode, “Going Backwards”
My favorite track on their new album. It’s a perfect song for the time we live in. Depeche Mode get political, but it really works.

Autechre, “Elseq 5″
The opening track on Side 5 is beautiful. I seem to gravitate to Autechre when they are experimenting with melody. One of the current pioneers in electronic music.

Prince, “Sign ‘O’ the Times”
My favorite Prince songs usually incorporate drum machines and stripped-down bass riffs.

Nine Inch Nails, “Sin”
The first NIN album really caught my attention. The first time I heard electronic music with soul and classic songwriting. I was hooked immediately.

Clan of Xymox, “No Words”
One of my favorite alternative acts from 4AD records. I keep going back to their first three albums.

Tones on Tail, “Real Life”
This is haunting rock at its best. A side project to Bauhaus/Love and Rockets. This is Daniel Ash at his best.

LFO, “We are Back”
When people ask me what band I sound like, I always say LFO. It’s a bit of a stretch, but we share the same punk approach to dance music. I visit this album whenever I need to get inspired.

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