Blond Ambition: What Are You Listening To?

Blond Ambition: What Are You Listening To?

Blond Ambition (a.k.a. Brian Harding, formerly of Ex Cops) is out with his first solo album, Slow All Over, now.

Harding assumed the Blond Ambition name after parting ways with Ex Cops and leaving Brooklyn for the permi-sunshine climes of Los Angeles, an influence that most certainly finds its way into the record. It starts off swirly, dreamy and dark with opening track “Hurricanes 2,” careening into the falsetto-laden “Speak” and swaying into the beachy “Shasta.” Replete with moody, chugging tracks like “Stupid Boy/Girl,” this is the perfect record for any and all pre-dawn coastline trips and/or nighttime drives.

Harding put together a playlist of tracks he’s currently spinning to herald the album’s release.

Paul McCartney, “Darkroom”
Play this at a party and see Shazam get lit. This is off my favorite McCartney album, II.

Nick Lowe, “I Love The Sound of Breaking Glass”
Nick Lowe is a master songwriter. This song makes me think of Orange Juice covering Bowie.

Sylvester, “I Need Somebody to Love Tonight”
I love songs that can work in a dance club or on a Sunday afternoon and this is one of them. A California legend.

Sinéad O’Connor, ”Mandinka” 
She had such a fresh sound. Her peak was before my time, but I would imagine this was very exciting to hear on a tape in a car in 1987.

Simply Saucer, “Bullet Proof Nothing”
Swag before swag. This song doesn’t give a fuck what you think about it!

Spice, “So Mi Like It”
If you play this at a party and people aren’t moving kick them ALL out.

Telex, “My Time”
This cute DJ was playing this and I Shazammed it and went up to her and was like, ‘Wow you like Telex??’ Not my proudest moment but I ended up becoming obsessed with this album.

The Jackson Two, “Oh, Yeah”
Restrained and shy rap was so sexy. This production is ridiculous.

Sarah Webster Fabio, “Glimpses”
Listen to whole song on headphones. Listen again but louder and then go running and listen to it.

Bill Joel, “River of Dreams”
I think we can listen to this song finally and enjoy the genius of it. It was a little insufferable when it came out but it makes me immensely happy now.

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