Blue Hawaii Gives a Lesson on Getting Loose

Blue Hawaii Gives a Lesson on Getting Loose

Blue Hawaii, the Canadian electro-pop duo, has released their newest record, Tenderness, on Arbutus Records. The group has shared with TIDAL a playlist of music that will help you ease into the fall.


Stretch it Out (Slow and Lifted)

BJ The Chicago Kid & Kendrick Lamar, “His Pain”
Never really heard another song like this one. It tells a story. Very emotive, vocal, crazy arrangement with all this singing at the end. Feels like a couple of songs meshed into one. Kendrick makes an appearance, too.

Slum Village, “Climax (Instrumental)”
Been digging these instrumentals lately. Very relaxed vibe; you can hum along and come up with new melodies on top.

SZA, “20 Something”
Song is too real. Love the words and the way her voice and guitar play. There’s so much rhythm, but no drums. It’s a highlight from her album.

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib, “Shame (DJ Koze Mix)”
Found this on a DJ Koze release and has always been a classic. Again, an instrumental, but the chorus is kept in, as well as some ad libs, and makes for a perfect head sway.

Richard Skelton, “Noon Hill Wood”
It is epic and has lifted ambient string layers. The story of this album is a sad one, about Skelton’s wife’s passing.

Sade, “Pearls”
Sade is our favourite artist of all time, and this song is perfect. Again with a layered string arrangement, but with a heartbreaking vocal. Do yourself a favour and listen to the whole record.

Work it Out (Quick and Groovin’)

Karizma, “Work It Out”
Sometimes you just need to rotate a heavy tune and work it out at the end of the day with a dance or a run. Stuff like this makes our bodies move.

Basement Jaxx, “Red Alert”
A classic 2-step style groove. We’ve reinterpreted our album for live performance with these kind of beats in mind, and this mix is a classic gem.

Indo, “R U Sleeping ? (Bump ‘N’ Flex Remix)”
Continuing on this rhythmic theme that samples a cool vocal speaking to our modern times, for a woke generation.“R U Sleeping? You better wake up!” The original vocal is from “Love’s Gonna Get You” by Jocelyn Brown.

Shinichiro Yokota, “Do it Again”
Complete cult classic mastery. It is from late ’90s Japan. There is so much in the modern house music sound that approaches this in some way. That synth sequence that comes in and out is just way too perfect.


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