Boy Willows: What Are You Listening To?

Boy Willows: What Are You Listening To?

Boy Willows (Landon Fleischman) has released three strong singles, leading to his first full release. Each song has provided an insight into Fleischman’s innermost thoughts and queries into life. Each track has been refreshing expansion upon the previous song, further developing an accessible, but challenging folk-pop styling. Fleischman chose 10 of the songs from his playlist to provide a little more context of the song’s role in their life and creative process.


Nico, “These Days”
Want to cry? Look no further than this fucking hauntingly beautiful cover. Whenever I’m back on the east coast, I will find myself parked in a foggy mist listening through my mom’s Honda speakers, which is the only proper way to listen to this song. It’s about self-reflection. I picture myself in a coming-of-age artsy movie trailer with this song in the background.

Wallows, “These Days”
Same song name, very different message. The listlessness of this tune really gets me. Wallows really crushes it in the ennui department on this one. I hear this song as a guy trying to figure his shit out and straighten all the tangled strands, starting with a wishy-washy relationship. Where I’m at in my life right now, as far as love and lust go, makes this hit home.

Neil Frances, “Show Me The Right”
Disappointed by the song name? Don’t be. What this song lacks in not having the song name “These Days,” it makes up for with literally everything else. I could conceive my first child to this song. Boundlessly sexy, well-written, catchy as fuck and just generally perfectly nostalgic production. Neil immediately became one of my favorite artists after hearing this. Their live show is also NUTS.

Ski Mask the Slump God, “BabyWipe”
I mean, yeah this track is crazy. If you’re on hour 8 of a road trip and everyone in the car is losing their mind, you put this on and floor it. I guarantee the mood will change. The second verse is what’s up. It was either this song or “Wrist” by Father. They both occupy a similar space for me. I remember growing up in the suburbs and my friends and I would toss on Flocka and drive like idiots, this song takes me back to those days (sigh).

Jacques, “Dans la Radio”
Switching gears, this French producer/artist Jacques is way outside the box. Watch his “Against the Clock” video and you’ll see what I’m talking about. He uses almost exclusively found sounds in his production. Drill bits, rubber bands and nail filers are a few of his tools for making groovy electronic jams. His videos are so unique and unapologetically Jacques. Also, stay tuned for his new cologne, ‘Unapologetically Jacques’ coming soon. Really excited for that.

Wreckless Eric, “Whole Wide World”
Anyone who has seen the movie, “Stranger Than Fiction” knows and probably loves this song. It’s a simple song that leaves a ton of space open for the listener’s mind to wander. It feels innocent, honest and crazy passionate. I have definitely blasted this while driving many a time. I’m working on a experimental cover of this song to insert into my live shows potentially. This song kind of feels like freedom.

Pete Rock & INI, “Grown Man Sport”
This song was a huge part of my adolescence from 14-18 years old. I would spend hours scouring Youtube just clicking on related videos. One day, I’m not sure how, but I came across this gem and just immediately fell in love. The instrumental (a sample from Fela Kuti’s “Water No Get Enemy”) is perfectly imperfect and dirty. There’s just a ton of life to this track and listening to it at tender age of 14, I felt like a…grown man.

Still Woozy, “Lucy”
I DM’d up Still Woozy a while ago after hearing his song “Goodie Bag” for the first time. I told him how connected I felt to his production style because I felt like I heard some of my own style in it (I didn’t say the second part). The heavy harmonies, the non-traditional pop lyrics, the blend of hip hop and folk. I was lucky enough to play a show with him a month ago and that was one of the best momenta of the Boy Willows project to date.

Toro y Moi, “Lilly”
I mean, come on. Toro is easily one of my top 5 favorite artists of all time. He is a goddamn pioneer and anyone who disagrees can write me a strongly worded letter. This song is off the album What For? which blends funk, alt rock, surf, disco and psych rock SEAMLESSLY. That album and this song were one of the catalysts for the Boy Willows project.

Infinite Bisous, “Teen Sex”
Talk about coming of age. I am immediately transported to a younger, more naïve willow boy, maybe at a basement party, or sneaking onto my middle school rooftop. This song somehow evokes the purity of being young and wraps me up in it. I love it. It’s a goal of mine to be able to create vivid spaces with my music and I.B. is a great teacher. I’m in a place right now in my life where I’m re-learning a lot of lessons I had already known as a kid, like trying to be more open, seeing the best in people, yadda yadda. We can learn a lot from our younger selves.


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