Buzzy Lee’s View “From My Window”

Buzzy Lee’s View “From My Window”

While Buzzy Lee is TIDAL’s Rising Artist of the Week, she is also touring the country, opening up for the acclaimed Dirty Projectors. As Buzzy traverses the country, she has shared with TIDAL a sample from her eclectic taste that has accompanied her on tour.


Hiroshi Yoshimura, “View From My Window”
This whole record is insanely good. This song came on as I pulled up to a stoplight a week ago, and a red Jeep Wrangler full of 19-year-old girls pulled up blasting Cardi B, waving at me to join their car dance party. I started crying.

Blue Gas, “Shadows from Nowhere”
I covered this song for a bit. Man, I love it.

Joan Armatrading, “I Love My Baby”
I had this on tape and put it on, never having heard this record. I have loved her forever, but this record has escaped me. This was the first song to come on and it hit me hard.

E.T., “End Credits”
LOL, but really. My heart.

Tom Rush, “Child’s Song”
Just a beautiful song that makes me cry.

Dennis Wilson, “Holy Man (Instrumental)”
After this song ends, I feel I’ve watched three acts of a film and there are no words.

Ariana Grande, “Love Me Harder”
Still one of my favorite duets. One of my favorite songs, in general.

Kate Bush “Suspended in Gaffa”
I just rewatched a live performance of this and her breath control is insane. Do I sound like a nerd? Yes.

Cassie, “Me & U”
A classic.

Little Ann, “Deep Shadows”
Just one of those songs that lingers in the background over conversation, until convo subsides and everyone takes a moment to listen.

George Jackson, “Aretha, Sing One For Me”
See above.

Alicia Keys, “Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart”
Could listen to this over and over.

Jeff Buckley, “Lover, You Should Have Come Over”
I purchased a harmonium after hearing the song, always trying to somehow capture this song in my own songwriting. Never quite did because this song isn’t replicable plus I don’t have the upper body strength to play a harmonium.


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