Car Test: Meek Mill Talks Life Lessons on ‘Wins & Losses’

Car Test: Meek Mill Talks Life Lessons on ‘Wins & Losses’

Meek Mill hops into the driver’s seat for the latest edition of TIDAL’s Car Test with Elliott Wilson. Days before the release of his Wins & Losses album, led by the singles “Issues” and “Glow Up,” the Philadelphia spitter keeps his life in cruise control, regardless of the Internet drama or real-life setbacks that he has overcome.

“We basically giving them our definition of wins and losses,” the MMG rapper says of his third album’s title.” I be saying they mix the middle class, the upper class and the lower class on the Internet and I don’t think they be understanding where we come from and we got different definitions for shit.”

Meek continues, “When I was talkin’ losses, we lost Lil Snupe, we lost Chino, I lost my case, I lost my freedom, shit like that. And when we did lose them things, it still ain’t stop us. We took the lesson out of it and it was hard, but we just made sure we turned it into a win no matter what.”

Over the course of the joy ride through Meek’s old ‘hood in Philly, he reflects on being in a high-profile relationship without namechecking his ex, rapper Nicki Minaj (“I wasn’t ready for the attention that came with that”) and how “lit” his studio sessions can get with cameos from Desiigner, Scott Disick, Rick Ross, Puff Daddy, Khloe Kardashian and French Montana (“I like that shit. I like go-getters in the room with me while I’m hustling”).

When the conversation turned to his conflict with Drake, Meek Mill says it wasn’t a competition for the No. 1 spot in rap. “Nah it wasn’t on the top spot type shit. In the game we come from, the way I perceived it, if you ain’t writing your shit or whatever … you can’t be the top rapper in this shit.”

He adds, “I think I approached the situation the wrong way like at that time, I used to be wildin’, I was off the lean and all that shit. If you made me feel some type of way around that time, I’m like right at you, zero to a hunnid, not holding back and that ain’t really the way I move f’real, f’real. That’s why I kinda left that alone. That took me out of character, doing shit that ain’t really me.”

Rev up the latest episode of Car Test with Meek Mill in full below. Wins & Losses is also available on TIDAL.

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