Classical Album of the Week

Classical Album of the Week

Simone Dinnerstein is a searching and inventive artist who is motivated by a desire to find the musical core of every work she approaches.

And thus is the case on her new album, Broadway-Lafayette, where as the title cleverly suggests, she plays French and American classics by Ravel, Lasser and Gershwin.

The New York-based pianist first gained an international following with her remarkable recording of Bach’s Goldberg Variations, which she fundraised herself. Her subsequent albums, including this one, have been shooting up the classical charts ever since.

The music on this album celebrates the time-honored transatlantic link between France and America through the music of George Gershwin (Rhapsody in Blue), Maurice Ravel (Piano Concerto in G-Major), and Philip Lasser (The Circle and the Child: Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, written for Dinnerstein herself).

Broadway-Lafayette was recorded with conductor Kristjan Järvi, the MDR Leipzig Radio Symphony Orchestra, and Grammy-winning producer Adam Abeshouse.

Of the album Dinnerstein says, “Over the centuries, France and America have influenced and supported each other in many ways, and this music explores the link between the two cultures. George Gerswhin is the quintessential American composer. He immortalized his own trip to France in American in Paris and his music broaches aesthetic boundaries in a way that few other composers have managed.”

Gershwin was deeply impressed by Ravel, met with his idol during his stay in Paris, as supposedly said to him, “I want to be a composer just like you!”, whereto Ravel answered, “Why do you want to be a second rank Ravel, when you can be a first rank Gershwin?”

With this lovely quote, I leave you with our Classical Album of the Week. Enjoy!

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