COASTCITY & Girl Ultra Evoke Miami Vice In “Besos Pesos” Premiere

COASTCITY & Girl Ultra Evoke Miami Vice In “Besos Pesos” Premiere

Two Puerto Rican artists championing Caribbean soul, COASTCITY return with “Besos Pesos,” a blast from the past dripping in Miami Vice. Making an irresistibly sexy appearance is none other than Mexican R&B diva Girl Ultra, whose whispery vocals ooze femme fatale and whose role stands as a symbol of female intersectionality and woman empowerment.

“Girl Ultra played a stunning intergalactic karaoke diva who lures in Jean,” said COASTCITY of the video’s starlet. “[And] we love the fact that the director is a female, Gabriela Marcos, because the song is about female empowerment inspired by the stripper culture. Many men are willing to pay for love and many women choose to work in the industry to fulfill their desires. We are supportive of any female who chooses this path.”

They continued: “For this video, we emulated Miami mafiosos from the ’70s. We grew up watching movies like Scarface, The Godfather, Donnie Brasco, Goodfellas, etc. It was a blast to go back in time and add our Miami Vice swag to it. The story unfolds in the house of business partners Jean and Danny who are hosting a cocktail party after dealing with their accountant and the stress of counting money.”

Just in time for the freakin’ weekend, COASTCITY officially premiere the Gabriela Marcos-directed pic for “Besos Pesos.” Watch it exclusively on

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