COASTCITY: The lively duo on their music, heritage, and more

COASTCITY: The lively duo on their music, heritage, and more

Jean Rodriguez and Danny Flores are COASTCITY. Before they joined forces Jean was touring the world as one of Marc Anthony’s vocalists and working as an engineer, composer, performer and vocal coach. Flores was also working as a producer, songwriter and arranger and traveled to countries like Argentina to work on the CNCO Mas Alla tour.

They describe their sound as “Caribbean soul.” Together they are bringing their unique Latin flavor to R&B by adding tropical and indie rhythms to create unique hits like their latest’s singles “Noches y Mañanas” and “Desconocidos.”


How did you two start working together?


Jean: Danny and I have been in this industry for a long time. We wear lots of different hats producing, working with other artists. I’ve always been pushing Latin R&B, and with my first album that came out in 2006 I did just that. That’s how I met Danny. At a show that I was doing and at the time I didn’t have my band yet. Danny was part of that show and he was recommended to me to put my band together. We just clicked, musically. We hit it off. We both have worked with other great talented, established artists and we understood well what we wanted to create.


Where does the name COASTCITY come from?


Danny: Initially we started working on this while I was living in Los Angeles. We started working on Jean’s album which was exciting for me because this time around, it was just us two putting it together. We started pushing the limits of it. Bringing the alternative twists and being a little more indie and organic about it. Our first song “Noches y Mañanas” was like a rhythm box. There was the tambora in there, so much. And I remember Jean calling me and he said, “I have the name for the album! COASTCITY!” and I said “COASTCITY…Coño, that sounds good!” We bring the vibes of the coast, the rhythms. But then we like to have the city swag. It was the perfect name for this to become our little production.


Jean: It’s the best of both worlds, coast meaning tropical, Caribbean and city bringing the punk, alternative aspect to it. That’s COASTCITY.


Describe your music in 2 words.


Danny: Caribbean Soul.


Jean, given that you are Luis Fonsi’s younger brother, it’s easy to imagine you have been influenced by his musical career.


Fonsi has definitely always been an influence. Growing up, believe it or not I had always been the quiet, shy kid in the family. And my brother he’s older and I think he tuned into his talent earlier than I. So since the very beginning he was characterized as the singer of the family. He was like el payaso in every party. I always took like the quiet route. I always looked up to him, that he played that role and he played it so well even today. In high school Fonsi was always involved in theater and shows. So I always looked up to him. Whatever he put his efforts towards he always perfected it, from being on stage acting and singing, to the human that he is. He’s always had his feet on the ground.


Tell us about your Puerto Rican background.


Danny: I grew up in Orlando. My childhood was in Puerto Rico. I’m proud to be Puerto Rican. I grew up listening to salsa and merengue. My dad was a music director so he is one of the major influences in my life. We always listened to El Gran Combo, Johnny Ventura. Also growing up in the States really influenced me. Playing music for the church I grew up in with gospel and soul and that made a huge impact in my life and the way I approach music in general.


Jean: I was born in Bayamón, Puerto Rico. It’s the roots to our music. Caribbean and tropical music, that’s where it all comes from for us. In our music there is always something that ties back to Puerto Rico and our roots.

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