Coming Up: Ashley McBryde

Coming Up: Ashley McBryde

Country singer and songwriter Ashley McBryde was raised in Mammoth Spring, Arkansas, where she picked up her dad’s guitar as a little kid. She moved to Nashville in 2007 to pursue a career in music, and fought to have her songs heard in dive bars, biker hangouts and colorful joints in Music City. Dubbed “an Arkansas red-clay badass, with the swagger of Hank Jr. and the songwriting of Miranda Lambert,” by Rolling Stone and “among the first post-Stapleton country stars” by NPR. She has played Grand Ole Opry and toured with Chris Stapleton and Eric Church (who famously called her a’whiskey-drinking bad ass’).

McBryde had her big breakthrough with the 2017 song “A Little Dive Bar in Dahlonega”, and her highly anticipated full length debut album Girl Going Nowhere (produced by Jay Joyce, known for working with Eric Church, The Brothers Osborne and lots of others) hit the streets on March 30. She is certainly an artist to watch in 2018.

TIDAL talked with Ashley McBryde about her album coming up. You can read it while you listen to the excellent playlist she just made exclusively for us.

Congratulations with a new album coming up. How will you describe it and what do we get?

If Bonnie Raitt and Loretta Lynn met for a hangover breakfast at a Waffle House.

What was your initial idea for this album? What inspired you the most?

I spent my whole life writing songs before my debut record. We had to make sure that this was an accurate polaroid of where we are as human beings.

Did you have a clear idea on how Girl Going Nowhere would be from the get-go, or did the album gradually evolve as a process?

It was definitely a collaborative process. The songs were there. The band was there but it took a group effort to make it something special.

How did you work out the songs and was there a particular kind of sound you looked for?

My sound has developed over the last decade into what it is now. We rehearsed for 3 days and then went in and cut the record over the course of two nights.

Why did you go for that album title and what does it mean for you?

After we had finished recording, we had a few ideas of how to title the record but ultimately Girl Going Nowhere just kept standing out.

What kind of music inspired you the most growing up?

I grew up with such a wide variety of music, starting out in the Bluegrass world and moving on into mainstream country of the 90’s and eventually discovered rock n roll and blues as I got older. I feel like my sound now is a combination of everything I grew up loving.

What would be the preferred setting to ultimately enjoy the LP?

You can drive to this record. You can party in a bar to this record. And you can also take it in all by yourself with a glass of whiskey.

What is your comment on the current political climate in the US, and does that affect your songwriting in any way?

It’s nowhere in my job description to comment on politics or administrations. But it is my job as a human to hope and pray for our country.

How would you pair Girl Going Nowhere with a meal or beverage?

I’m a huge fan of hot wings, but this really feels more like a messy burger record, which pairs well with a lager…but let’s not be silly. Pour yourself a double whiskey.

And finally, if your music was a animal what would it be? Please describe.

Stray dog. It can make its home almost anywhere but if you give it place to land, you won’t be sorry you did.

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