Dan Wriggins (Friendship): 5 Albums That Changed My Life

Dan Wriggins (Friendship): 5 Albums That Changed My Life

To celebrate the release of their record, Shock Out of Season, the lead singer of the Rising indie band Friendship shares with TIDAL 5 albums that significantly impacted his life.


Kath Bloom and Loren Connors, Restless Faithful Desperate & Moonlight

I would recommend Kath’s songs to people who play full contact sports with no pads or helmets. They are severe, immediate, and gorgeous. They relieve my headache, re-up my heart, and reframe my house. I was in her barn one afternoon last August, and I asked where she had gotten an old riding mower. She said “everything we have is given to us.”

Vic Chesnutt, West of Rome

Vic blew apart my idea of what a song could be. He could write abstractly or literally about anything, and shed a new, weird light on it. I could’ve picked any of his records. West of Rome is probably a good starting point. The songs are amazing, and there are a lot of them. Michael Stipe’s production comes and goes at the right times. I could’ve also picked any of a number of a generation of songwriters whose work I am obsessed with, like Will Oldham, Kurt Wagner, Joanna Newsom, Bill Callahan, Scout Niblett, Jason Molina. I adore them all for different reasons. For me, though, Vic is the funniest and the most devastating. “Hallelujah for the ghosties.”

Crying, Get Olde/Second Wind

I saw Crying play at the Golden Tea House in Philly in 2013. Over the summer and fall of 2014, I was working on a lobster boat in Maine. Luke, my captain, gave me free reign over the CD player, and a burned copy of “Get Olde” made it into heavy rotation. Luke liked it. It was good music for coiling rope. I don’t know of many lyricists more perceptive than Z. Nobody is let off the hook. She has made a lot of music and art since this album. This was just the first one I heard. My favorite song is “ES,” which ends “every goddamn family reunion/ someone’s got somethin’ to say/ how didja become this way?/ as if i’ve made a mistake/ meanwhile, they’ve slaughtered the cake,” then the drums get really fast for twenty seconds.

Jerry Jeff Walker, Viva Terlingua

My dad had this CD in his car I was growing up. I think it was an important record for him too, when he was younger. Jerry’s voice is vital, and his songs, along with those of Townes Van Zandt and Guy Clark, sparked my obsession with country music. The Lost Gonzo Band, who supported Walker on this record, is unbelievable.

Talking Heads, The Name of this Band is Talking Heads

Through middle school, my friends and I liked classic rock. At some point in early high school, my friend Jake said “nope, my favorite band is the Talking Heads now.” Around that time he also showed me Brian Eno, Jonathan Richman and the Velvet Underground. I have been an insufferable asshole ever since.

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