David Ramirez: 5 Songs That Inspired My New Record

David Ramirez: 5 Songs That Inspired My New Record

Folk-pop musician David Ramirez recently dropped his fourth album, We’re Not Going Anywhere, a record he saw as a departure from his previous work.

“I was getting bored with making the same records I had been,” he tells TIDAL. “I wanted to put a little more thought into the production. As much as I love the sentiment behind American folk music, I don’t listen to a lot of it. I like bands that have noises and all these crazy sounds… and ’80s synth pop qualities. The new album We’re Not Going Anywhere was inspired by that.”

Check out some specific songs that shook the cobwebs loose below:

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The Cars, “Drive”
My first cassette was The Cars’ Greatest Hits, and I wore this song out. Even as a 10-year-old, I felt the romance and heaviness of this song. The sound of my new record was largely influenced by the vibe of ‘Drive.’

Brandon Flowers, “Between Me and You”
I listened to this song last year more than any other. I love the story and the production. Sometimes when a person makes a throwback album, it can be a bit campy and more of a caricature of the decade it’s inspired by. Flowers made a true ’80s pop record, and it was very encouraging to see that it can be done well.

Beach House, “Space Song”
I’ve always loved Beach House. There isn’t an act out there who can make dreamier music. I feel light and nostalgic every time I put this song on and definitely wanted those same feelings to come with my new record.

The War on Drugs, “Under Pressure”
Hypnotic. That’s the word I would use to describe Lost in the Dream. The opening track ‘Under Pressure’ draws and locks me in, and I don’t even realize the song is nine minutes long. Dreamy and driving. Those are the notes I took from this record.

Sing Street, “Drive it Like You Stole it”
My new album is getting a lot of spotlight for how political it can be at times. This film and soundtrack reminded me, when making a pop record, to have fun.

(Photo credit: Stefanie Vinsel)

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