Dead Stars Share Their Inspirations In Playlist Form

Dead Stars Share Their Inspirations In Playlist Form

Fuzzed-out Brooklyn band Dead Stars counts the likes of Nirvana, Beck and JEFF the Brotherhood as influences, especially on their upcoming album, Perfect Patterns, out September 1.

The band’s Jeff Moore (vocals/guitar) put together the below playlist to elaborate a bit more on what they were listening to while working on their third LP.

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Paws, “Homecoming”
This band would randomly come on a playlist someone made and I’d always think to myself, ‘Who is this? It’s really good.’ And every time it was Paws. I became a big fan.

Nirvana, “On A Plain”
My favorite Nirvana song. Also, Nevermind was a major influence on our new album.

Beck, “Pay No Mind (Snoozer)”
I always play this song whenever I’m bored, and I guess this style of songwriting seeped into the album in some ways. I also got really sick after we recorded the album and lost my voice. It lasted a few months and was pretty scary. This is what I would play and sing to test out my voice and see how it was recovering.

Oasis, “Some Might Say”
I’m a huge Oasis fan and Noel Gallagher is one of my favorite songwriters. A perfect single.

JEFF The Brotherhood, “Mellow Out”
The matter-of-fact lyrics to this song rule. Great tune and a great band.

Liz Phair, “Divorce Song”
Too many great songs off of Exile in Guyville to choose from, but I had to pick one. I love the simplicity and minimalist production on this record. Something we tried to aspire to.

R.E.M., “Fall on Me”
Another great song that is fairly simple. We thought about covering this once.

Nothing, “Vertigo Flowers”
This song is beautiful and just makes me want to create music. I love the entire Tired of Tomorrow album.

Howler, “Don’t Wanna”
This band satisfies my need for a band that has a modern the ‘Mats type of sound. Also, the line, ‘You don’t have to be Kurt Cobain if you don’t want to,’ has a special place in my heart.

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