Dean Tzenos (Odonis Odonis): 5 Albums That Changed My Life

Dean Tzenos (Odonis Odonis): 5 Albums That Changed My Life

Toronto’s Odonis Odonis just released their new album, No Popand, to celebrate, the band’s Dean Tzenos put together this list of albums that altered his life.

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Ministry, Land of Rape and Honey

I was maybe seven or eight when my sisters bought this album and had it playing in their room. I didn’t understand it at all at the time. It didn’t even seem like music to me, but my sisters thought it was cool, so I just played it on repeat until it started making sense to me. Now, Ministry is forever ingrained in my musical DNA.

Pixies, Doolittle

I remember seeing the video for ‘Monkey Gone to Heaven’ on Much Music in the early ’90s and fell in love with [the Pixies]. The album is such a fun listen front to back. I was instantly hooked.

Nine Inch Nails, The Downward Spiral

The second I heard ‘March of the Pigs’ I knew Trent had upped his game from Pretty Hate Machine. There is no denying the power of this record, and I’m still blown away when I put it on now. The production alone is still mind-blowing.

Wire, Chairs Missing

When I first heard this record, it felt like I had found the missing link to all alternative music I heard growing up. I’ve always been inspired by bands that aren’t afraid to take chances from album to album. In the span of three to four years, they made a straight-ahead punk record, a post punk record and an electronic record, and they are all amazing.

Suicide, Suicide

This album is forever classic for so many people. They opened the door to so much new music that everyone needs to thank these guys for paving the way.

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