Dinner: What Are You Listening To?

Dinner: What Are You Listening To?

Dinner (a.k.a. Anders Rhedin) is a L.A.-based Danish producer, singer and hypnotist. His new album, New Work, is scheduled to drop on Captured Tracks come September 8.

Inspired by William Blake’s Proverbs of Hell, the record is just the most recent addition to Rhedin’s luminous discography. He put together a list of songs he’s into of late to set the scene.

* * *

Sean Nicholas Savage, “Maybe Chain”
Sean is a modern-day genius. The sexiest guy, the sexiest singer, the sexiest songwriter. He and I will be touring together in the U.S. this fall.

Infinite Bisous “Teen Sex”
I played a show with Rory/Infinite Bisous in Paris. One of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time. It was an all-ages show. This particular song really seemed to make an impression on the room. Later, Rory put down some guitar lines on the new Dinner album.

Felt, “Primitive Painters”
I heard this song last summer. I would be driving through L.A., with the top down, and just press ‘repeat, repeat, repeat.’ I almost died, because it’s hard for me to operate my phone and understand traffic at the same time. What a beautiful way to go, though.

The Chills, “Pink Frost”
This is definitely one of Dinner’s favorite songs. I tried to rip it off when I did the song ‘Siren Song’ for my album New Work. It didn’t really work, because ‘Pink Frost’ is so perfect.

The Clean, “Anything Could Happen”
I’m only a little ashamed to confess that I didn’t know about the Flying Nun catalogue until recently. Like a friend said, ‘It’s ego-less pop music.’ Which is true, and which is rare. Think of the Rolling Stones. That’s like listening to someone’s ego (having a blast). This song, it’s so pure.

Better Person “Sentiment”
I played a show in Berlin with this handsome devil. Dark Polish soul.

Flash and the Pan, “Walking in the Rain”
I recorded my latest album at night, in a studio in downtown L.A. The producer, Josh Da Costa, played me all this music I didn’t know. We’d sit there, look out into the darkness outside and listen to music for hours. This is one of the songs he played me. I wish I could share more of it with you, but most of it wouldn’t be on streaming services…

Savage, “Don’t Cry Tonight”
One of the best Euro-ballads ever.

Choir of Young Believers,“Serious Lover”
Dinner’s old friend Jannis, a.k.a. Choir of Young Believers, made this song. Jannis has been a Dinner collaborator from the beginning. We’ve co-written songs together and such. He’s a much better writer than me, of course. As you can hear here.

Saada Bonaire,“You Could Be More As You Are”
Another gem from Omnian Music’s catalogue of re-released classics. The accent. The production. The songwriting. Obviously, I’m heavily into this.

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