TIDAL Premieres Dott’s “Like a Girl” Music Video

TIDAL Premieres Dott’s “Like a Girl” Music Video

The Irish government is slated to hold its referendum on abortion on May 25, a move that could perhaps liberalize the country’s famously strict stand on women’s health. Irish garage pop band, Dott, aim to mark that occasion with the exclusive release of their new video for “Like a Girl,” featuring Sadie Dupuis of Speedy Ortiz on guitar.

“Like a Girl” comes off of an upcoming LP due this summer from the band, who, in this video, seek to honor Irish women’s fight for better healthcare and rights in their home country. The band’s Anna McCarthy had this to say about the song itself:

‘Well, is it a boy or a thing?’ is a question I overheard a man inquire about a new born baby when I was a little girl growing up in the West of Ireland. As if to say, ‘If it’s not a boy, it’s useless to me.’ This puzzled me and made me wonder, ‘Why on a Earth would a boy be better than a girl?”

It has always bothered me when people say that doing something ‘like a girl’ means that they did it weakly or substandardly. To put this outdated notion to bed, I wrote this song to remind people that doing something ‘like a girl’ means it will be powerful and no shit will be taken.

It’s especially relevant in Ireland at the moment with the fast approaching Referendum on Reproductive Rights (voting on May 25th). Irish women and girls have spent years fighting for reproductive rights, demanding a referendum to change archaic and unsafe Irish Law. And now we are a matter of weeks away from the referendum finally happening, all because of the fierce and tireless work of the women’s groups of Ireland.

So, if you want to do something, and you think it’s worth doing at all, you’d better hope that everyone says you did it like a girl.

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