Drug Apts: Influences

Drug Apts: Influences

Drug Apartments is a band and the name is a reference to drug apartments, those Mid-Century Modern complexes scattered throughout Sacramento, California. The kind with rows of palm trees out front and mock English names like Dorchester Court or the Royal Arms.

Common features include: concrete stairs, prison-style walkways with dudes looking in your window every five minutes, moms beating their kids next door and cop car lights reflecting off the pool. An ex used to say, “I hate living in these fucking drug apartments,” and friends would say, “It’s three blocks that way, past the drug apartments.”

We all spent time staying up and crashing in them, or we tried to sleep through the noise emanating from their windows. I hear they’re better these days, but who knows? So the name is rooted in places and times. Plus it scans well and is fun to say, like Swell Maps or Destroy Boys.

Anyway, Drug Apartments play rocky punk and punky rock: sometimes we stretch out, other times we rear back then attack. We’re gnarly and curt, heady and trance-like. We turn on a dime or give no quarter. We like it both ways. Here are our influences.


Liliput, “Eisiger Wind”
Just transfixing, really. Hard to move or think or do much of anything when this song is on. The middle bit is maybe the best thing ever put to tape.

Leather Nun, “No Rule”
Larry Rodriguez, a prominent Sacramento-based music spiritualist, played this for me and some friends at a tender age. Played the Faith/Void Split LP and the Gordons’ Future Shock that night as well. Some night!

Generation X, “Wild Dub”
When Drug Apts. is elected president, one of our first actions in office will be to pass legislation requiring music producers to dub out all punk rock and power pop recordings.

Empire, “All These Things”
Really dig this song. Everything about it just works so well.

Primal Scream, “Blood Money”
Fucking Mani, man. He owns this track. Bet he was was wearing some sweet gear while laying this down as well. Dog.

Mark Perry & Dennis Burns, “You Cry Your Tears”
Dirgy, ASMR-laced little number. Like something a prison camp/gulag jam band might turn out, assuming jamming is allowed in prison camps.

Flaming Stars, “Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye”
Stoic pessimism twined with drums being savaged. Lovely.

Skullflower, “Slaves”
Or you could skip all of the above and just play this track over and over at full volume. Does wonders for one’s general demeanor.

Wipers, “Different Ways”
Spaced out late night drives in the pouring rain give true meaning to this band’s name and how you need Wipers in these situations.

Robert Wyatt, “Little Red Riding Hood Hit the Road”
The back story to this album makes this track so impactful. Google it!! Intense, permanent and harrowing.

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