Entrevista con Anonimus

Entrevista con Anonimus

Reggaetonero Puerto Rican Anonimus tells us about his amazing beginning in music, his musical idols, and his next project that has to do with a record and several other artists.

Who were your musical heroes?

I really liked the American market because I was born in Kentucky, then I went to Texas. I grew up in Puerto Rico. My father was in the Army. So I really liked American music, I liked JAY Z, I liked Nas, I liked Biggie. I liked all that, I grew up with that music, and obviously because reggaetón because I lived in Puerto Rico. Of course, this is IT, I love, I love, and I identify with him a lot. But Latin, he was very fan of Don Omar, because Don Omar had him very close. I always liked Daddy Yankee, for his hustle, but my musical idol Tego Calderon.

Do we know that you are working on many projects, which is the next thing for Anonimus?

Right now we’re working on a record. First we are going to take a mixtape to the street of basically all the successes that we have taken until now, and we are going to put like two new subjects. We are working for the third album. A disc of new songs, and within that album, because there will be songs with Daddy Yankee, with Tego Calderon, Arcangel, Ozuna, there will be songs with Pucho, who is also another very hard brother of mine who I really want from there Puerto Rico. And obviously like five of my songs alone, that’s how the project I have right now is that, but other than that, we’re doing a lot of things, recording with everyone.

If your music were a car, a record, an animal or a meal, what would it be?

Un objeto que exista que sea multiuso, mi música es algo que tu puedes usar para muchas cosas. Yo tengo toda clase de música. Yo tengo una bachata con Optimo, tengo un perreo con Alexis y Fido, un perreo con Arcangel, un trap con Bryant Myers, con Almighty. Tengo un tema romántico con Gocho, demasiado versátil, yo no me encierro en una vuelta. Yo me lo propongo, porque ahora mismito hay una ola gigante de trap durísima y yo estoy en esa ola. Yo tengo un tema que se llama “No Se Ve” con Arcangel, que ahora mismo le vamos a hacer el remix con Daddy Yankee y Nicky Jam, y eso es algo bien grande, y es un reggaeton. No muchos artistas tiene esa habilidad de que puedan cantar y aparte de eso, tenemos música americana. Yo creo que mi música es universal, no tiene barreras. Ahora mismo, yo me comparo con un toro que es bien versátil en el ring y puedes ganar de diferentes maneras, so algo así.

¿ You Looking forward, where you see yourself in a year?

I am a type that I do not conform. I want to get as far as I can go. I’d like to, since we started recording with American artists, we did a tour with Wyclef, a tour with Young Thug as well. I would like to be able to embrace a very high musical level, or make a rare reunion that has never been done, and in types of music that one thinks he can not do. But look, let’s show you that we can do it, music is music.

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