Eric Earley (Blitzen Trapper): 5 Albums That Changed My Life

Eric Earley (Blitzen Trapper): 5 Albums That Changed My Life

Portland, Oregon, band Blitzen Trapper is out with their ninth studio album, Wild & Reckless, come November 3. The album takes its name from a musical that they put on in their home city.

To celebrate the new record, the band’s Eric Earley shared with TIDAL some albums that altered his life.

R.E.M., Eponymous

The spooky angular lyrics, the frayed paisley underground guitars, the weird Americana vibe and great harmonies. When I was 15, this record changed what music meant; it could be vague and poetic and still be so cool.

Bob Dylan, Highway 61 Revisited

At 14 years old, I heard that song ‘Tombstone Blues’ and I started to understand what rock really was, on a fundamental level, aside from all the butt rock and speed metal I was tuning into. Gothic, twisted lyrics and a guy who kind of ranted at you from the stereo. Nothing better.

Bangles, Different Light

Heard the first track on the top 40 at the SuperCuts when I was six or seven getting a haircut, those girls singing those harmonies did something to my brain. I wasn’t sure what but it felt good. And that cover of ‘December Girls,’ so good.

Nirvana, Bleach

Music that felt like where I lived and what I cared about even if the lyrics were nearly unintelligible to my 15-year-old mind. It gave me a feeling like I could be whomever or whatever I wanted, and so I started thinking about doing the band thing.

Pavement, Slanted and Enchanted

A wise friend put a cassette copy of this album in my car stereo in high school and told me to leave it in for a week. Mind-blowing, those guys didn’t even tune their guitars and it sounded so cool, like music being passed seamlessly through a clogged up water bong.

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