Fever High’s “Synth Pajama Party”

Fever High’s “Synth Pajama Party”

Brooklyn-based Fever High just released their debut full-length, FHNY, on November 10th. Anna Nordeen (guitarist/singer) and Reni Lane (singer/songwriter) shared with TIDAL a playlist to accompany your next synth pajama party.


Scritti Politti, “Absolute”
Bless me father, for I have synthed. Scritti Politti is a pop dream of ours. We’re laying across our bed writing a love letter to you.

Book of Love, “Book of Love”
Gather ’round, we’re gonna read an excerpt from my diary.  We connected with Book of Love’s Ted Ottaviano through a friend of Anna’s.  A mutual friend heard our song “One of the Guys” and in return played us ‘Boy’ by Book of Love, saying we had to meet each other.  A few months after, we were invited on a mini tour with them. It was so much fun and they have the best fans ever!!!!

Ultravox, “Dangerous Rhythm”
The parents have gone to bed and now it’s time to sneak out. It can be dangerous out in the streets at night with no chaperone, but we’re in it for the thrills!!!!  This song was from their debut album, Ultravox!. Their later albums were definitely more synth-heavy, but I like this song and its reggae influence.

Fever High, “Spy”
On my way to the bathroom, I pass by your big brother’s room.  I pause for a moment to spy a little.  Who’s he chatting with on the phone? What does he like?  I’ll never get enough courage to tell him how much he makes my heart thump, so for now I just creep.

Nation of Language, “What Does the Normal Man Feel”
In the privacy of my best friend’s room, I can let loose and shake it whichever way I want. With my hair in a scrunchy and my PJ’s on, I jump onto her bed and shake my hips and swing my arms, breaking a sweat. This is where I’m truly free. This is our new favorite synth-pop band. We played a show with them in New York and knew we were in the presence of something really cool. This song’s persistent groove always gets me bopping my head on the subway, wanting to let loose and dance around all my fellow commuters.

Tegan & Sara, “U-Turn”
Let’s make a pile of pillows and sleeping bags on the floor and watch that movie where the girl is chasing the bad preppy guy who doesn’t deserve her love and then she realizes the nice guy, who’s been by her side good and bad, is the one!  Then this song plays.  Fun fact: this song is the single off the album Love You To Death and was released on Neil Young’s label Vapor Records through Warner Bros. Records.

The Teardrop Explodes ,”When I Dream”
I think of you all the time.  I drew a heart around your yearbook photo. Summer has been too long, I actually want school to start so I can see you in Mrs. Johnson’s Health Ed class. This post-punk band will make your heart explode.

Orange Juice, ”Rip It Up”
Pillow fight!! This song will get you so juiced that you’ll just have to grab your pillow and start swingin’ until the feathers fly. Also, this song has a sick sax solo. What’s not to love?

Fun Boy Three,”We’re Having All the Fun”
Time for makeovers! We’ve got curlers and bobby pins galore, plus I snuck a few things out of my mom’s makeup collection. Who will be voted ‘most improved’ after we work our magic? This band was derived from members of The Specials so it has a hint of ska vibe plus they’re credited with launching Bananarama’s career so we’re extra grateful because they are a huge influence of ours. We love the playful and simple lyrics.

Fever High, “These Boys”
This song was written out of pure frustration and the vagueness of dating boys in the city.  It’s got a sexy groove and we took inspiration from The Shangri-La’s by recording a phone call mid-track. The conversation between Reni & Anna was improvised in one take on the first try.

Madonna, “Everybody”
Let’s raid the pantry! My best friend has best snacks at her house. I particularly love the Fruit Gusher, I can eat a whole box. This song kicked off Madonna’s career.  She asked her friend DJ Mark Kamins to play it at the club where he was spinning. He then took her to Sire records who signed her for a two-song deal but then later dropped the second song.  Who cares, she’s fucking Madonna!!!!!

This song is giddy and dark just like high school. I discovered this band when I was at a friend’s show at Mercury Lounge and the sound guy played them in between sets. They are from Sweden, so it’s a good song to jam while braiding your bestie’s long golden hair.

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, “She’s Leaving”
This song is like just breaking up with your high school sweetheart and watching them walk off into the world without you.  A Mellotron is used which is an electro-mechanical, polyphonic tape replay keyboard. The most notable song it was used in was the intro to ‘Strawberry Fields’ By the Beatles.


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