For Sneaks, The “Future” Is A Bright Swamp

For Sneaks, The “Future” Is A Bright Swamp

Sneaks premieres her gorgeous new video for “Future,” off of It’s a Myth, exclusively on TIDAL today.

Directed by Kasandra Diaz and shot in Mexico City, the video features Eva Moolchan (a.k.a. Sneaks) floating through a swamp on a raft, glitter smeared on her cheeks and flowers in her hair. The lushness of the scenery clashes pleasantly with Moolchan’s simple production and almost deadpan vocals, creating a otherworldly effect.

From director Diaz:

We shot in Xochimilco, [which has] a really cool swamp with boats and all. We went without any plan at all and improvised most of it. After a little bit of haggling with the boat owners, we got a really good price and sailed away. It was my first time there; I’m Argentinian and been traveling in Mexico for the last few months. It was crazy to see the contrast between the coasts full of trash, the houses of the humble people and these boats full of color. In the same way we were amazed to see how a swamp that seems immutable can be so full of creatures and life.

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