From Nigeria to New York, Olu Bliss Spreads His Sound

From Nigeria to New York, Olu Bliss Spreads His Sound

Olu Bliss has always had rhythm. “I was one of those kids [who] was always banging on my desk,” he tells TIDAL. “Friends who rapped would want me to bang on the desk, and we’d have beat battles on the lunch table.” With a 10-track EP, Traveling Bliss Remixes, on the horizon, this week’s TIDAL Rising artist helps us tell the story of where he came from and how he spreads his bliss through music.

Born in Nigeria and raised primarily in New York, Olu Bliss was making music before he even knew it. “The teacher would always say, ‘He’s always banging on the desk! When he’s not talking, he’s banging on the desk,’” he laughs. With endearingly humble beginnings as a classroom beat maker, the alternative soul singer would let the rest of his music career unfold in a similarly organic fashion. In high school, he taught himself the digital production program Fruity Loops and discovered his affinity for singing, songwriting and composition in college. “I learned about song structure and writing,” Bliss says. “And then I started a neo-soul band called Deja Vu.”

Deja Vu was short-lived — “three years or so” — but it gave Bliss insight into his direction, his purpose and how prevalent a role music played in his life. Yet he felt there was more of himself and his creativity that he had to explore before jumping into his next project. So, after graduating and releasing an EP, he took some time off to travel. “I kind of lived life and got experiences and got in relationships, and that’s where writing comes from,” he says.

From his travels came the concept of Traveling Bliss, his 2016 EP, and the upbeat, grounded and acoustically-inclined essence that defines his music. Now, the singer-songwriter is slated to release the Traveling Bliss Remixes EP, on which he worked with producers from different states and countries to rework project and experiment to uncover just how complex its sonic palette could be.

This week, we’ll be learning more about Olu Bliss and his travels through a TIDAL exclusive Q&A and a video where he shares the five albums that changed his life. In the meantime, dive into Traveling Bliss now.

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