Gaz Coombes: What Are You Listening To?

Gaz Coombes: What Are You Listening To?

Gaz Coombes (of the legendary Supergrass) is out with his third solo album, World’s Strongest Man, on May 4. It’s a work that was inspired by “Grayson Perry’s autobiography The Descent of Man, Frank Ocean’s Blonde, Californian weed, British woodlands, unchecked masculinity, Neu! and hip hop,” according to a release.

Leading up to the album’s drop, Coombes gave us a list of tracks he’s currently enamored of.

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Sir Was, “In the Midst”
Heard this on the radio a few months ago. I like the sonic approach on this track, seems rooted in the Isley Bros or the Shangri-las. And the vocal delivery is kind of cool, too.

Angelo De Augustine, “Truly Gone”
I really love the acoustic guitar sound on this track. And it’s a beautiful vocal performance.

Soft Machine, “We Did It Again”
I rediscovered this record a few years ago. It’s just a very cool track. There’s something I love about a repetitive lyric, too.

Björk, “Arisen My Senses”
Björk’s latest record Utopia was strange and beautiful. There’s a chaos about this track, but everything seems to be in its right place. Her voice sounds great on this, too.

Four Tet, “LA Trance”
Really like this record. Ambient, electronic, but also very musical. I listened to this track a lot while I was over in L.A. at the end of 2017 shooting the cover photo for my new album.

Soulwax,”Is It Always Binary”
Love the beats and rhythms on this track. Definitely a band I need to see live. I’ve heard great things about their gigs.

Scott Walker, “Copenhagen”
I’m so hooked on this track. There’s just something so beautiful and tender about the orchestration and vocal performance. Scott 3 is one of my all time favorite records.

Captain Beefheart, “Zig Zag Wanderer”
I always keep coming back to Safe As Milk. It’s definitely up there with my favorite records. I love the way it’s recorded, the drums and guitar sounds. The more I hear this record the more I uncover.

The Lemon Twigs, “These Words”
Heard these guys for the first time when I was over in L.A .last year. It definitely soundtracked my travels. Love their attitude, in terms of being wonderfully throwaway when needed but also very musical and elegant. Anyone who channels Harry Nilsson is all right by me.

Fire Engines, “Big Gold Dream”
Heard this on the radio a few weeks back. They’re a Scottish punk band from 1979. Love the scratchy guitars and the vocals. Reminded me of when we first started Supergrass in terms of the punk energy mixed with a musical and melodic edge.

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