Girlpool: 5 Albums That Changed Our Lives

Girlpool: 5 Albums That Changed Our Lives

L.A. band Girlpool just dropped their gorgeous sophomore album, Powerplant, on Anti- Records, so we decided to pick their collective brain about some records that changed their lives.

Check out what Harmony Tividad and Cleo Tucker were listening to while crafting delicate-yet-crashing tracks like “123” and “Fast Dust.” Some records might be more obvious than others when it comes to influence (like Arthur Russell and Elliott Smith) and some might end up being your new favorite on-repeat-in-the-car classics.

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X: Arthur Russell, Love is Overtaking Me

“This record is sort of one of his more country albums. Some specific songs that we love are ‘I Couldn’t Say it to Your Face’ and ‘Love is Overtaking Me.’ … I got into this record a few years ago for the first time. So many of these songs are really informative to me [when it comes to] my writing. I love them. They mean a lot to me. We listened to this album a lot on tour also, in between writing.” - Cleo

“The production of it is just so lush. There’s a song ‘What It’s Like’ and it’s insanely beautiful.”- Harmony

Elliott Smith, Either/Or

“I feel like the songwriting on that record is just unbelievable: his lyrics, the melody, the guitars, the harmonies — everything about it. He was such a particular musician. He knew what he wanted.” - Harmony

“Also, the amount of guitars he used on this album, I feel like we used a lot of guitars on Powerplant, just layers of guitars. I just love his guitar playing so much.” - Cleo

Stephen Steinbrink, Arranged Waves

“This record came out in 2015 and Stephen is a friend of ours. It’s incredibly fruitful and cohesive at the same time. There’s nothing predictable about it, but it also fits in the palm of your hands so gracefully. I remember Harmony and I — one of our first shows playing in Girlpool — we played a show with Stephen in the backyard of a friend’s house. I bought his tape of Arranged Waves there and I kept it in my car. For years, I never changed the cassette in my car and every time I was driving in L.A. that was the only thing I ever listened to.” - Cleo

Vashti Bunyan, Some Things Just Stick in Your Mind

“She’s just an amazing folk songwriter from the ‘60s and her music was under the rug until someone recovered all theses songs and demos that had been previously unreleased in the past decade. She’s just so talented and her voice is beautiful and just so warm. The recordings are super warm and dark and really special to listen to.” – Harmony

Duster, Contemporary Movement

“Duster was an incredible band from San Jose that was around in the late ‘90s, early 2000s. It’s just insane guitar music. The music sounds like a sexy airport. Kind of sterile. If sterility was really hot. It’s like a doctor’s office — but in a sexy way.” - Harmony

(Photo credit Kacie Tomita)

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