Goat: 5 Albums That Changed My Life

Goat: 5 Albums That Changed My Life

Goat is a Swedish alternative, experimental fusion band that formed in the voodoo-worshiping town of Korpilombolo, whose dark, mythic past allegedly features a witch doctor, crusaders and an eternal curse.

The anonymous, masked collective first started playing music together as children, supposedly working over the last 30-40 years to hone their sound, which blends rock, psychedelia, funk, folk, afrobeat, desert rock, tribal chants and just about anything else laying around. In 2012, Goat signed to U.K. indie label Rocket Recordings, releasing their debut single ”Goatman” later that year to promote their full-length debut World Music. Hailed upon arrival as one of the best albums of 2012 by The Guardian, the album set the stage for follow-up efforts like 2013′s Live Ballroom Ritual and 2014′s Commune, the latter of which was released by way of the prestigious Sub Pop label.

The masked marauders just returned with 2016′s Requiem, their fourth full-length and second released by way of Sub Pop. We talked with one of Goat’s elusive members – we honestly have no idea who – about 5 albums that have changed their lives. Check out their killer psychedelic playlist here.

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Discharge: Why? 

First heard this way, way back. I was stunned by the sheer brutality and desperation. Still a classic!

Aron: Djævlens Horn

This album is so overlooked. It’s so extremely good. A must. I first heard it through a friend in Copenhagen while hanging out at his place. When the first song kicked in, I was sold. Get it.

The Chocolate Watch Band: Inner Mystique 

A long time favorite album. A perfect blend of garage and psych. A real masterpiece. Production is spotless!

Ved Buens Ende: Written In Waters

This album was a big influence when it first came out. I would say it is an essential album. Feel free to check out any release that involves Carl Mikael Eide (Aura Noir, DHG, Virus). A musical genius.

Spids Nögenhat: Kommer Med Fred

Fantastic second album from these Danish guys, who I feel are very overlooked outside of Denmark. I was lucky enough to catch them live last year and they blew my socks off. If you ask me, these guys should headline all of the psych-fiestas because they are the real deal!

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