Goon: What Are You Listening To?

Goon: What Are You Listening To?

TIDAL Rising Artist of the Week Goon put together an eclectic playlist of what they’ve been listening to of late.

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Boards of Canada, “Nothing is Real”
I was fortunate enough to make it out to Yermo, California, in the summer of 2013 when Boards of Canada did their marketing campaign for this record. The campaign culminated in a cryptically advertised listening party at an abandoned water park in the desert where we got to hear the record a month before it came out. It was easily the best album listening experience I’ve ever had. This song stood out to me then and remains one of my all-time favorites. At ~1:50, a heavily processed voice comes in. The BoC fan forum that I’m a part of quickly figured out that the voice is reciting a poem and deciphered it. Once I read the lyrics for the first time, I couldn’t stop crying because it related to strongly to all my doubts and hangups with Christianity at the time. Namely that the idea of an afterlife can often be used as an easy salve for the otherwise terrifying question, ‘What happens after we die?’ Here’s the poem, best read along while listening:

Jesus, was it you indeed?
to flirt unkindly with my greed
promising eternal life
when you knew it was not right?
when you knew what I’d need was willingness and comfort there? – Kenny Becker

Pinback, “Messenger”
One of my favorite things about Pinback is this weirdly intangible sense of nighttime that sometimes happens in their music. And I don’t mean nighttime where you’re out in nature and the stars are crystal perfect. It’s more like a lonely walk down the sidewalk with headphones, where everything is orange from the streetlights. To me, this song perfectly captures that small, meditative, melancholy, aimless feeling.  - Kenny Becker

Arthur Prysock “I Need Your Love”
The way Arthur Prysock’s poetry works effortlessly with the instrumentation on this track is wonderfully cinematic. It can turn a mundane trip to the grocery store into a powerful meditation on the deeply human need for love, which it did for me; I cried in the cereal aisle.  - Kenny Becker

Machinedrum, “Infinite Us”
Similar to what I said about Pinback, Machinedrum also makes excellent nighttime music. This song makes a really cool use of the ‘Shepard tone’ or that seemingly constantly ascending tone illusion. It adds a beautiful and longing urgency to the cyclical, hypnotic piano and beat. This is a great example of how a song can be utterly captivating as well as highly repetitive. – Kenny Becker

Donald Byrd, “Cristo Redentor”
A few months ago, I was stuck in horrible L.A. traffic, and was experiencing some pretty intense road rage trying to get home. I was pretty stressed out. As I was driving, my friend Aaron texted me a link to this song, and it completely cooled me down. I listened to it three times in a row as I watched the sun set over the L.A. skyline. - Drew Eccleston

The Electric Prunes, “Holy Are You”
My friend Zack put this song on a fall playlist for me in October. I’ve really been digging it a lot. Good for the whole family. - Drew Eccleston

Frederic Chopin, “Romance-Largetto”
One of my all-time favorite piano pieces to listen to as the weather starts to cool down. My friend Isaac and I have been building a pretty awesome fall playlist over the last few years, and he added this song to it. - Drew Eccleston

Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld, “The Sun Roars into View”
Earlier this year, Caleb invited me to see this band at the Echo called Ex Eye. I knew nothing about them, but I went and was completely blown away.  It was so weird and dark and beautiful. Colin is the lead, and he plays an unbelievably huge baritone saxophone. I looked him up and found this record he made with Sarah, who plays violin for Arcade Fire. Go for a walk on a windy day and listen to this. - Drew Eccleston

Mount Kimbie (feat King Krule), “Blue Train Lines”
Not everyone loves King Krule, but I think you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who can deny his greatness on this Mount Kimbie track. His smoldering voice on top of the lush drum and synth combo? Get out of here. – Christian Koons

Deerhoof, “Exit Only” (Live)
If for some reason you still haven’t seen Deerhoof live, this track should convince you otherwise. Attempting to air-drum along risks your health and the health of those around you. – Christian Koons

The Fall, “Mountain Energy”
I’m only just diving into the Fall’s vast discography, but I can’t stay away from the deliciously evil shuffle of this tune. Recommended listening for observing dusk and plotting vengeance. – Christian Koons

Donald Byrd, “Miss Kane”
I know better than to try to describe this track with the limited stock of my vocabulary. When it’s your turn with the aux, cue this up and blow some minds. - Christian Koons

Vince Staples, “Big Fish”
Of all the rappers, Vince has my favorite flow. - Caleb Wicker

Clinic, “Distortions”
The most beautiful sad song I know. - Caleb Wicker

Charlotte Gainsbourg, “Deadly Valentine”
My wife has been obsessively playing this song on loop, and I’m super not mad about it. - Caleb Wicker

Dirt Dress – “Fat Lady of Limbourg”
My favorite band out of LA in many years. Sad they’re no longer. – Caleb Wicker

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