Grace Vonderkuhn: What Are You Listening To?

Grace Vonderkuhn: What Are You Listening To?

Emerging rocker Grace Vonderkuhn shares with TIDAL the music in her rotation.


The Voidz, “Leave it in My Dreams”
The ever-strong melodist, Julian Casablancas, strikes again paired with some refreshing textures. You can hear the band’s influence on the sound. The minor change at the end of the solo is a disruption that I’ve grown to appreciate.

Angel Olsen, “Fly On Your Wall”
Angel goes psych on this slow jam and I like it. I can feel some Jefferson Airplane channeling going on, but breezier.

Guided By Voices, “Space Gun”
This track shows the band in top form. I can’t wait to hear the whole album.

Cocteau Twins, “Love’s Easy Tears”
A beautiful song full of depth that I can get lost in.

Ought, “Desire”
An emotive, vocal performance by Tim Darcy and the thoughtful, melancholy lyrics take this smooth groove to great heights for me.

XTC, “Complicated Game”
Probably one of my favorite songs. I love the nihilistic angst. I find comfort in it. “It’s just a complicated game” is a mantra I’ve adopted.

The Olivia Tremor Control, “I Have Been Floated”
This song sounds like it’s going to fall apart seconds before it slides into a huge, perfect chorus and I suddenly feel foolish for ever doubting it.

Santigold, “Rendezvous Girl”
Santigold rules. Who can argue with these synth tones?

Ariel Pink, “Another Weekend”
It’s glittery and depressing and I can definitely vibe with that.

Deerhoof, “Begin Countdown”
Deerhoof is one of the most exciting live bands I’ve seen to date and this track bridges the gap between their recordings and their live sound so well for me.

Pixies, “Velouria”
I will never tire of this song. Also, there’s a theremin.

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