Grim Streaker Take Us South With ‘Miami Girl’

Grim Streaker Take Us South With ‘Miami Girl’

For some, summer is more about the rank smell of hot garbage and illegal fireworks on highly flammable rooftops than lazing at the beach or at a cool pool. For the former group, Grim Streaker’s video for “Miami Girl,” off their newly released Girl Minority EP, will strike a chord.

The video is barely that: a blink, a flash, a dazed half-drunken memory. It basically features the band, led by singer Amelia Bushell in a skeleton hoodie, mugging at the camera, their faces interspersed with images of glass breaking, tomatoes bursting on asphalt, etc.

Rather incongruously, the video doesn’t take place in Miami, but in the band’s native Brooklyn, New York, where they’re regulars on the DIY circuit. Bushell’s voice sounds nothing like a beach day in Miami, either. She’s more like Exene and the White Stripes’ unholy love child than anything else.

“I went to Miami with [guitarist] Dan [Peskin] recently, and this man just walked up to him, ripped his shirt off, punched his face and asked him if he wanted to die!” Bushnell says of the track. “The song is inspired by that kind of random, comically dumb violence — it’s a version of someone experiencing Miami to the fullest via some gruesome events. It’s fast-paced, all-out and go.”

We’ve got the video exclusively on TIDAL below. Check it out before you decide to hit Florida this summer vacation.

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