Grizfolk: 5 Albums That Changed My Life

Grizfolk: 5 Albums That Changed My Life

L.A. band Grizfolk was on the road this fall to support their new single, “In My Arms,” a collaboration with British singer-songwriter Jamie N Commons.

Apparently, the song was cooked up after lead singer Adam Roth underwent throat surgery, rendering him unable to sing or speak for a spell. His period of silence led the musician to ruminate on all he might take for granted. So, when the band met up with Jamie, Roth was happy to collaborate on tune based on the classic “falling dream.” You know, when you trip over a curb or something in a dream and then jolt awake, finding yourself cozy in bed.

To cap off their tour, the band put together a list of albums that changed their lives.

* * *

Tom Petty, Wildflowers

This is the album that inspired me to be a lyricist. I can’t imagine my childhood without these songs. Every song on this album paints a different picture, and I can live inside each painting for a lifetime. – Adam Roth

alt-J, An Awesome Wave

‘Taro’ really feels like it encompasses everything that I like about music. The story of Robert Capa and his partner Gerda Taro, two war photographers who both tragically die in war. Musically, it just has everything I want: fun rhythmic melody, chill soothing verses that allow the story to be told, breaks, beats that make you bob your head. This song takes me to different periods of my life and reminds me to appreciate things more. – Sebastian Frizte

 Bon Iver, 22, A Million

A masterpiece to me. The journeys of the melody work and the transparent yet obscure lyrics take me to a rare place emotionally. The way [Justin Vernon] marries organic and electronic elements in a very unique way is so revitalizing. The way  he sings and uses his voice in very versatile ways on this record is impressive. And the artwork around the record is a trip of its own. One of those records I can listen to A MILLION times. – Fredrick Eriksson

Chris Cornell, Euphoria Mourning

I’m hard-pressed to think of a song and artist who has made more of an impression on me than ‘Preaching the End of the World.’ This song has been there for me so many times over the years, and after Chris passed, I lay in the dark with my headphones on and just felt the beautiful heaviness of the lyrics and the emotion in his voice. A perfect song. – Brendan Willing James

Bon Iver, For Emma, Forever Ago

One of my all-time favorites, and it holds up as well now as it did when it came out almost 10 years ago. ‘Skinny Love’ is the kind of song that I’ll never get tired of listening to. – Bill Delia

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