Haitian Pride by Paul Beaubrun

Haitian Pride by Paul Beaubrun

Haitian-American musician Paul Beaubrun grew up immersed in music. His family formed the GRAMMY-nominated band Boukman Eksperyans while living in Port-Au-Prince, and they were also tied to the political upheaval in Haiti. In 1991, after the military coup d’etat, they fled to New York.

Beaubrun seeks to conquer the world with gentleness in his music, and the best way to describe it is with the Haitian Creole word for “Blessings” – the perfect title for his 2018 album ‘Ayibobo’.

Join in on this wonderful journey through Haitian and Caribbean music, each track presented by Paul Beaubrun himself and all put together in this neat playlist.


Boukman Eksperyans: IMAMOU LELE
This track brings to light how the natural resources of Haiti are being wasted which is not often a focal point in political discussion but such an important issue that needs to be addressed.

NISKA: Vèvè Lokal (Remix) [feat. Boukman Eksperyans]
This track is about Haitian cultural pride with a modern twist.

Mikaben feat. Paul Beaubrun: Ayibobo
This track focuses on unity, love and pride for our country and raises awareness on the true richness and depth of Haiti.

J Perry: Dekole (feat. Shabba & Izolan)
This track talks about how we would love to bring Haiti and Haitians to a higher level.

Eddy Francois: Kouman Nou Ye
A deep song reflecting our past while staying in the moment and looking ahead to the future.

Michael Brun, Lakou Mizik, J. Perry: Gaya
Cultural pride through deep sound.

BélO: Istwa dwòl
This track talks about Haitians who risks their life taking boats on dangerous waters trying to make it in America.

Paul Beaubrun: Ezili
Haitian traditional song with a modern twist. Calling on Ezili, the mother of Love to come and help save us.

Lakou Mizik: Zao Pile Tè
Deep Haitian roots music.

Tifane: Se kom si
A beautiful Haitian Caribbean vibe, a message of love.

Mizik Mizik: Ayizan
A love song where the guy is desperate to get the woman so he calls on the spirits to help him.

Troubleboy Hitmaker: Pral Nan Peyan’m Pou Yo
Hip-hop Kreyòl.

John Steve Brunache: Chimen Limyè (Remastered)
An anthem for our new revolution, a prophetic song.

Boukman Eksperyans: Ke M Pa Sote
The Ultimate Haitian Hit Song.

Princess Eud, Ded Kra Z, Admiral T: Caribbean Love (feat. Ded Kra Z & Admiral T)
This is all for all the Caribbean people.

- Paul Beaubrun, June 2018

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