Happy 85th Birthday, Quincy Jones

Happy 85th Birthday, Quincy Jones

To assess Quincy Jones’ impact on popular music, you need only imagine your life if you’d never listened to the artists whose careers he’s touched.

For more than half a century that he’s been in recording studios and backstage, Mr. Jones has cultivated relationships with the short list of artists for whom a first name suffices: From Aretha and Ella to Frank and Tony to Dinah and Donna. To Miles and Michael, for heaven’s sake.

Strung together, Mr. Jones’ greatest hits can tell the story of popular music for more than half a century. Jazz, blues, disco, pop, rock, R&B have all benefited from his touch.

In addition to his legendary contributions to film composition, Quincy Jones has demonstrated the ability to pull legendary performances from artists that may be, on the occasion of his 85th birthday, the greatest gift of all.

Enjoy this selection of Quincy Jones themed playlists, including some of his most Essential tracks, an exclusive guest list of his new and old favorites and the sampling Quincy Jones playlist.



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