Happy Hollows Premiere Breakup Track “Silent Partner”

Happy Hollows Premiere Breakup Track “Silent Partner”

One could argue that the most painful sort of breakup is one that ends not with an eruption, but, rather, a slow fade. At least that’s the conceit behind Happy Hollow’s new song “Silent Partner,” off of their upcoming record Concordia, out September 8.

“This track isn’t about a breakup that ends in a bang,” singer/guitarist Sarah Negahdari tells TIDAL. “Instead, it’s about the silence that develops when people grow apart. When someone stops loving you, communication breaks down and that can be more painful than the words he or she may say when a breakup actually happens. Relationships don’t always end dramatically, but sometimes slowly fade into nothing.”

Despite being a song about slow-fading love, “Silent Partner” is anything but a quiet track. Negahdari wails over a dizzying, pounding beat that perfectly captures the angst and anguish that is love gone bad.

The California band recorded much of Concordia in the Shoreditch neighborhood of London, Negahdari having composed many of the songs in airplane bathrooms on endless flights from L.A. to England. “I would sometimes spend fifteen or twenty minutes in the bathroom singing lyrics into my iPhone,” she says in a release. “I think the attendants thought I was crazy. And I definitely annoyed other passengers!”

Check out “Silent Partner” now, exclusively via TIDAL.

(Photo credit: Eric Kelly)

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