Here’s What Richard Edwards Was Listening To While Going Solo

Here’s What Richard Edwards Was Listening To While Going Solo

Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s front man Richard Edwards wrote his debut solo record, Lemon Cotton Candy Sunset (out March 31), during a decidedly dark time in his life. He was grappling with medical issues as his marriage fell apart. After months of sleeping in his shoes and wandering around his home state of Indiana, the record came to full fruition on a beach in Malibu, where Edwards bid “goodbye” to the life he had left behind and “hello” to the standout track “Moonwrapped.”

“[I said] ‘goodbye’ to my best friend of ten years,” he wrote in a piece for Talkhouse. “My wife. The person for whom my love stretched back further than I had memories. A history so vast that to live outside of its shadow seemed a mandate so cruel and overwhelming that it stole my breath away and I became shaken on that beach and had to put my guitar away and be still for a long while.”

Here is a collection of songs that he listened to during that period.

“Texas Girl at the Funeral of Her Father,” Randy Newman
It should go without saying that this is one of the most beautiful songs ever written. The imagery is powerful, the melody could hardly be any lovelier; the little piano instrumental breakdown… my goodness. The final lines, “Pa, we’ll go sailing,” reduce me to a puddle even after hundreds of listens.

“You’re a Big Girl Now,” Bob Dylan
This one is maybe the greatest breakup song ever, which is saying something considering how many on that esteemed list were written by the man himself. I’m in the fussy majority who much prefer the wine-drunk, 2 a.m. heartbusted tenderness of the New York version over the sorta band in a can one that ended up on the album, but you can’t go wrong with a song this great.

“Never Make Me Cry,” Fleetwood Mac
I liked the empowerment coupled with such a vulnerable melody. It was important to me emotionally at the time. It’s a sentiment most of us have wanted to spit at some bum ex lover at one point or another.

“I’m So Depressed,” Abner Jay
Abner’s the king. Nothing much else to say about it.

“Skeletons,” Rickie Lee Jones
I “discovered” this artist during one of my Los Angeles stays last year and a few of her tunes really got deep under my skin. This one is maybe the saddest, but jeez Louise, what a tune.

“Think Too Much (b),” Paul Simon
Another wonderful, late-night, brain won’t stop buzzin’ kinda breakup song. This whole album is a pretty wildly underrated Paul Simon outing, but maybe everybody knows that.

(Photo credit: Bryan Sheffield)

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