High 5: Five Playlists You Need to Hear This Week

High 5: Five Playlists You Need to Hear This Week

TIDAL’s music editors are continuously at work crafting new playlists for different themes, genres, moods and occasions, as well as offering you a continuous flow of guest curated and exclusive artist playlists. To help guide you through the constant flow of great new content, we highlight five of our favorites right here. This is the TIDAL High 5.

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TIDAL Rising

TIDAL Rising is a segment devoted to helping up-and-coming artists make a name for themselves around the world.

Every week, TIDAL’s music editors help spread the word about these newcomers by showcasing one Rising Artist of the Week, and sharing some of our favorite new acts through playlists, interviews, video content and more.

Take a look at some of today’s most promising artists in our continuously updated TIDAL Rising playlists for country and folk, rock and indie, hip-hop and R&B and Latin.


Wyclef Jean Loves Fela

The late Fela Kuti was more than just a superstar of the Afrobeat music movement. In addition to being a Nigerian musician, multi-instrumentalist and composer, he was a human rights activist and political icon who bravely spoke out against the corrupt Nigerian government throughout the 1970s.

In an effort to enact socioeconomic and political change in his country, Fela Kuti used the power of music to spread meaningful messages. His songs about the realities of corruption and inequality brought and continue to spread awareness to the people of Africa.

Although Fela died in the summer of 1997, his influence is very much alive in African music and pop culture today. The Afrobeat genre is now prevalent in new bands like Antibalas and, not to mention, in the play Fela! and a documentary film called Finding Fela.

To show the immense impact Fela has on us today, Wyclef Jean (who recently dropped the new single, “Fela Kuti”) personally curated this list of the music legend’s most inspiring songs.


Demi’s Not Sorry

Upon her return to the music scene, Demi Lovato has consistently been putting out tunes that show off both her sincere and feisty personas. Lovato’s latest track, “Sorry Not Sorry,” displays her unapologetic side.

In a recent Instagram post, the pop star described the single as “an anthem for anyone who’s ever been hated on and has risen above it and come out from the other side like a f—ing savage.”

In the spirit of celebrating the release of her highly revered track, Demi Lovato created a playlist exclusively for TIDAL, featuring hits like French Montana and Swae Lee’s “Unforgettable” and 2 Chainz’s “4 AM.”


Sampling Stevie Wonder

As a child prodigy, Stevie Wonder became immersed in the music industry at a very young age. By the age of 11, he signed with Motown’s Tamala label and recorded with them until 2010. With hits like “Superstition” and “Sir Duke,” Wonder has received 25 Grammy Awards and  rightfully earned a title as one of the most awarded male solo artists to date.

Although Stevie Wonder’s musical talents are rooted in R&B and soul, his influence has exceeded the boundaries of the two genres and has found its way into some of hip-hop’s most iconic tracks. 2Pac’s “So Many Tears” samples from “That Girl,” while cuts from “Love’s In Need Of Love Today” can be heard in JAY-Z’s recent 4:44 hit, “Smile.”

You can indulge in the sounds of Stevie by listening to our Sampling Stevie Wonder playlist.

Eminem Meets Dre

Dr. Dre and Eminem, one of the most iconic duos in the rap game, have been the ultimate tag team since the release of Eminem’s sophomore studio album. Slim Shady LP. Their partnership goes back to the 1997 Rap Olympics, where Em placed second overall. However, the real prize was that the staff at Interscope Records in attendance was so impressed by his skills that they sent a copy of “Slim Shady EP” to company CEO Jimmy Iovine, who then played the tape for Dre. The rest, as they say, is history.

Stick to the ruthless rhymes spit by Eminem, or tune in to the number of legendary songs produced by Dr. Dre by listening to either of our Legends playlists. But if you want to hear classic collabs between the two, listen below for old time’s sake.

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