High 5: Five Playlists You Need To Hear This Week

High 5: Five Playlists You Need To Hear This Week

TIDAL’s music editors are continuously at work crafting new playlists for different themes, genres, moods and occasions, as well as offering you a continuous flow of guest curated and exclusive artist playlists. To help guide you through the constant flow of great new content, we highlight five of our favorites right here. This is the TIDAL High 5.

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With a name derived from DJ Kahled’s latest single, one featuring Beyoncé and JAY Z that was released just following the conclusion of last weekend’s GRAMMY Awards, SHINING is a playlist personally curated by Queen B and made up of some of the finest collaborative work that she’s done with her husband to date.

Additionally, if you’re looking for more Khaled in the vein of his latest release with B and JAY, check out our new All This Khaled playlist highlighting his catalog’s smoothest collaborations.


Kurt Cobain at 50

Nirvana started out as many bands do: rebellious teenagers fooling around in a small-town America garage. But unlike other cases, Nirvana achieved a level of success that most only dream about. But stardom took its toll on the troubled Cobain, who quickly earned an iconic status as a top tier rock star. Tragically, Cobain ended his life prematurely in 1994, and the biggest rock band of their time was gone as fast as it had appeared. But in its wake, Nirvana left behind a changed musical landscape, one where alternative rock is widely accepted by the public thanks to three untouchable studio albums that have hardly gathered a speck of dust, even after 20 years.

Kurt Cobain would have turned 50 years old on February 20. You can celebrate his enduring legacy with our LegendsCovering Nirvana and Tracks & Traces: Nirvana playlists, in addition to revisiting our feature article 15 Ways to Nirvana


Future’s Monster Music

Over the last couple of years, between putting out a handful of number 1 albums and a score of charting hits to match, Future has firmly solidified his place in the upper echelon of rap. His level of productivity, while still maintaining an incredibly high level of quality, is rarely seen, as evidenced by his brand new project, FUTURE, and rumors of a follow-up dropping this coming Friday.

Celebrate some of the best he’s got to offer with The Best of Future, and dig into his rawest compositions with our new playlist Monster Music.


Legends: Ryan Adams

Although primarily associated by many as a mainstay within the alt-country rock scene, North Carolina’s celebrated son Ryan Adams has never rested on his laurels. Musically speaking, he’s often unapologetically sparked off in new and imaginative directions, expressing himself by way of indie guitar pop, folk rock, singer-songwriter-type crooning and good ol’ rock ’n roll.

Newly out with his magnificent new sixteenth studio album, Prisoner, hailed by critics as his strongest album in years, enjoy some of Ryan Adams’ very best with this comprehensive playlist.


Funky Drummer

Widely regarded as “the track that built hip-hop,” James Brown’s “Funky Drummer” is one of the most influential and sampled pieces of music ever made. The funky drummer behind the classic rhythm pattern, Tennessee-born Clyde Stubblefield, passed away on February 18, 2017. He was 73 years old. And even though he appeared on several of Brown’s hits, we honor the great drummer with just a handful of the numerous tracks sampling the classic 1970 drum break that will forever be his signature sound: The Funky Drummer.

You can also listen to our Sampling James Brown playlist here.

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