Hinds: 5 Albums That Changed My Life

Hinds: 5 Albums That Changed My Life

Spanish garage rock band Hinds is basically pure dance-in-the-pit fun and, lucky for you, they have a new album out tomorrow: I Don’t Run. TIDAL spoke with the ladies of Hinds pre-release to find out more about the music that has inspired them over the years.

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The Strokes, Is This It?

I think I’m in this band because of that record. If I go back almost 10 years, I met my best friend from high school because of the Strokes, and that made me start playing guitar with him and that made me go to my first-ever festival in Germany; I went to see the Strokes. That made me start going to gigs in Madrid, and that made me meet these guys [Hinds]…and that made me be in this band. I haven’t stopped listening to [that record], and I think it’s made me a different person. – Ade Martin

 The Virgins, The Virgins

I didn’t know why I liked it, but I loved it. The first time I listened to it was with Carlotta — it was because of her ex-boyfriend. He played it for us and it was just mind-blowing. Like, ‘Oh my God. I’m actually loving every part of it.’ We got obsessed with it, and then we didn’t listen to it for four years — and then a couple of years ago, we just remembered and were like, ‘Fuck, I used to love this band.’ So we came back to it and we’re still loving it.

By coincidence, we toured with Public Access T.V., who were friends with Donald Cumming, the main guy, so we got to meet him and hang with him — and he played the songs we loved just with one guitar. He actually helped me pick the guitar that I play [now] in a music store in New York, and we became friends. [So it’s strange], being a teenager in Spain and dreaming and loving one record and suddenly having a coffee with the person. – Ana Perrote

Arctic Monkeys, Favourite Worst Nightmare

I don’t think, I know [this album] is the reason why I play drums, which is the reason why I’m in this band. It was also my first step into rock music. I liked it because I thought it was angry — it was a relief hearing real, strong music. And it’s also the first covers I started to play with the drums — from that album. – Amber Grimbergen

Los Nastys, Música Para El Amor y La Guerra 

They’re from Madrid, and they’ve been playing music since 2008. This band made me discover rock & roll. This is kind of embarrassing, but I had no idea that there were gigs happening in Madrid. When I was 18 years old, by chance, a friend from theater school invited me to a gig and it was the craziest lifestyle of youth and music and… I completely fell in love with music and the vibe. This last record, it’s unbelievably cool and good, and they are incredibly good songwriters. – Carlotta Cosials

Mac Demarco, 2

This record made a big difference for the band with the same feeling of, ‘Wait, this guy’s recording himself. He looks like a normal dude; he’s not a rock star-looking guy.’ He makes achievable music, and he makes people think that everyone can do it. – AM

(Photo credit: CJ Harvey)

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