Hockey Dad: 5 Albums That Changed My Life

Hockey Dad: 5 Albums That Changed My Life

Aussie band Hockey Dad is out with their second album, Blend Inn, on February 9, and to celebrate its release, Billy Fleming put together a list of records that shaped who the band is today.

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Arctic Monkeys, Humbug

A seriously big inspiration over the years, especially on our new record. We were about 13 and 15 when we finally figured them out, around the time we had just started our old high school band and covered their songs relentlessly. Their first few albums already made us want to be in a band forever, but Humbug was the one that solidified it all.

Sparkdia, Postcards

This album spun out a real different way of how we approached writing. It was just such a well-produced album that made us realize we could so much more with sound, rather than the plug-it-in-and-go approach we had at the time. The vocal harmonies on this record, as well as some of the guitar sounds, are easily some of the best we’ve heard.

Mother and Son, Mother and Son

This was the band that started it all for us. Sneaking into their show underage, going mental during their set and buying our first ever 12″ record from the merch desk. There was nothing else except that one local band, and that one night. It’s a very swampy and waterlogged record, with harsh deliveries all throughout, giving it the perfect combination for a few grommets to lose their minds.

Parkway Drive, Killing with a Smile

This album was released at the peak of our grommet-hood, taking over the whole surf/skate scene where we live. Another insanely well-produced album, with the most wild structures and tones, making our 12-year-old selves shit our pants with excitement whenever we blasted it in Mum’s car on the way to a surf. It’s out of the ballpark from what we actually play, but nonetheless, it made us want to play harder and more energetic, while reserving a special place in our hearts forever.

The Growlers, Chinese Fountain

We had heard little tastes of the Growlers over the years, but once we got our mitts around this album, they never left. It’s quite possibly the most sentimental album ever, tugging at your heartstrings with the most delicate tones, swinging beats and comforting voice. We’ve had so many fond memories listening to this album and will forever consider it to be one we love dearly.

(Photo credit: Joseph Crackett)

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