‘In Real Life’ Ep. 4: Angie Martinez & Miss Info Ask The Tough Questions

‘In Real Life’ Ep. 4: Angie Martinez & Miss Info Ask The Tough Questions

Miss Info wastes no time in heating up the conversation on the latest installment of In Real Life. “Do you know people that you love so much and then they have a friend and you’re like, ‘Why are you friends with that person?’,” Info asks her co-host, Angie Martinez, at the top of Episode 4.

While the answers aren’t immediately clear, it’s a perfect starting point for the nearly hour-long discussion that delves into some serious stumpers.

First up, the ladies discuss Meek Mill’s latest album Wins & Losses and the art of comebacks post-L’s. “I love when somebody is in a position of everybody is kicking them down, everybody is writing them off as a loser, they took an L, they’ll never be able to come back from this, and I love when somebody stands in that,” says Martinez. “I love when somebody doesn’t pack up and go home. I’m a sucker for an underdog…”

Info counters back, nothing that support for an artist doesn’t always warrant well wishes for the future.  ”If they’re successful, that’s on them,” she says. “‘Cause I don’t want to be caught in some type of situation where I have to support you and you’re coming out with trash.”

While both agreed that losses are an inevitable part of life, Info echoes a thought that some may feel but refuse to voice. “I understand being deathly afraid of failure and trying to do anything to avoid it by just staying in the same place where it’s safe,” she says.

Adding more truth to the convo, Martinez offers some soul-searching thought starters. “It’s on you to know what’s real. What’s your strength? What do you really have to offer the world? What are you trying to do? What do you shooting for? What makes you happy? … What is the W?”

A few bites of a guacamole, quinoa and black bean burger from by CHLOE. later, Martinez and Info head into more thinking face emoji-worthy banter by discussing the latest controversies involving women attached to R. Kelly and A$AP Bari.

“R. Kelly is an interesting thing,” reflects Martinez. “I’m always in awe of how people forget … because we judge certain people and then we judge other people for a shorter period of time but then they put out a smash then we forget for a few years.”

While there’s no denying R. Kelly’s hit-making prowess, it’s hard to dismiss the baggage. “Can you separate his incredible genius, his gift, from his curse?,” asks Info. “And should we?,” chimes in Martinez. Once again, the answers are hard to find.

It gets a little more personal for Miss Info, who recalled an encounter with a grope-y, old man she had during her ’20s while on a red-eye flight. “Have you ever been in a situation where you walk away from an interaction with a guy where you didn’t feel so great afterwards?,” asks Info, who later admits that she didn’t follow up after filing a police report against the man for several reasons including shame and not wanting to go to court. “I wish I had been stronger then to really pursue it all the way.”

Info then gifts some sage advice for those who may be caught in similar situations. “Women and men, anybody, if you’re in a situation that’s just not right and you know it’s not right, or you even have a little inkling, tell somebody else.”

On a lighter note, the ladies then switched gears to TV shows. While Info prefers the drama and dragon suits from shows like Power and Game of Thrones, Martinez is all about the triumph stories of HBO’s The Defiant Ones and Diddy’s documentary Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop. “You wanna be inspired, I wanna be distracted,” Info tells Martinez.

Ride-or-die In Real Lifers and newcomers, enjoy all of Episode 4 on TIDAL below.

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