Angie Martinez & Miss Info Drop Life Gems On ‘In Real Life’ Ep. 5

Angie Martinez & Miss Info Drop Life Gems On ‘In Real Life’ Ep. 5

Miss Info and Angie Martinez kicked off episode 5 of In Real Life with a crash course in Radio 101. After hosting their “Ask Me Anything” session on Twitter last month, the on-air queens dissected the constructive criticism from their listeners while pondering what it means to be popping.

Rule number one: Negative feedback is inevitable when you’re on the come-up but also an indicator of the podcast’s reach. “So the shade means that we’re actually gaining traction,” says Info as Angie adds, “‘Cause when your audience grows, then the crazies start seeping in or the different opinions and I realize that that’s not just in our world with our podcast but that’s in success everywhere, across the board … You have to be prepared and willing to deal with that in order to have a certain level of success ’cause it comes with it.”

They also gush over Michelle Obama’s likes (check her Twitter and see why) before contemplating how open they are as parents, sparked by Will Smith’s story in the “Footnotes of Adnis” where he discussed his daughter, Willow, shaving her head (“He made the mistake of telling her, ‘No, you have to do [this tour] and that’s why she shaved her head as an act of rebellion”). Info admits “the Korean mom in me would be livid” if, for example, her son, Max, started rocking faux dreadlocks and piercing his nose a million times.

Martinez then offers the positives of letting your child express themselves freely. “What you don’t want to do is label it, box it, crush it, stifle it. I just would not want to do that to a kid because your kid could be genius, your kid could be greatness. If you stifle it because of your own fears, because of whatever boxes you like to put people in, then you’re not giving your kid a chance to be a full version of themselves.”

The banter turns to face tattoos and corporate jobs, 50 Cent wanting to take hit show, Power, away from its home network, Starz, and negotiating business endeavors, which eventually leads to the dropping of many career gems. A few sprinkled in below:

“The most powerful position is the person who can leave the table during the negotiation and be like, you know what? We’re not seeing eye-to-eye.” — Miss Info

“I also think it’s a mentality, and I think it’s a mind state and I wish I would have had that mind state earlier ’cause I’ve always felt like I had something to offer the world, but I never really had the confidence to be able to say, ‘This is what I want to do.’” — Angie Martinez

“Even if you’re not in the power position, just having that attitude and that confidence, people buy into that so if you don’t walk into a room or into a meeting with that already, you’re making it harder for yourself.” — Angie Martinez

“It’s basically like you have to have that belief in yourself that the way that you see this project, movie, album, sound, song, whatever, is your vision and you’re not gonna be happy if you have to compromise it.” — Miss Info

“In order to stay, once you’ve gotten that shot and you fought for it, not only do you have to deliver but learn your overall craft and more.” — Miss Info

“Women, especially, but even guys, especially if you come from nothing and all of a sudden, you’re surrounded by opportunity, don’t bow down to the opportunity. Stick your chest out, look people in the eye, be confident, come to the table prepared and have confidence in that. Show up worthy. If you know you’re worthy and you’ve done the work, and you have great ideas, then show up like somebody who has something to offer.” — Angie Martinez

In short, ask for the damn raise, show up worthy, don’t shrink yourself, know your value, and show up and get it. Angie and Info also give their usual recommendations and talk boobs. Listen to the full episode below.

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