‘In Real Life’ Ep. 7: Angie Martinez & Miss Info Spread the Love

‘In Real Life’ Ep. 7: Angie Martinez & Miss Info Spread the Love

With Houston still feeling the effects of Hurricane Harvey, Angie Martinez and Miss Info spread the love on episode 7 of In Real Life.

Martinez recently posted a video on Instagram of a reporter interviewing a man and his son who lost all their possessions to the hurricane in Houston. They were rescued by a chopper. The man then tells the camera, “We thank God.”

“Whenever anything bad happens to somebody, we always say to be thankful,” Martinez says. Info notes the power of photos, saying, “You see the strength of the human spirit when everything is against us. Then, when you go back to your regular lives, you remember how somebody else is struggling and you think about, what am I doing today or tomorrow? How am I speaking to another person? What am I doing for them or even myself?”

The pair then offer their recommendations before reflecting on the shows they attended of Dave Chappelle’s Radio City Music Hall residency. Martinez highlights the comedian’s thoughtful analogy, in which he compares the Emmitt Till controversy to the current state of America under president Donald Trump. “Basically the gist of it is that bad situations in our country sometimes force the rest of us to stand up. They have to happen to have real significant change,” she says.

Info shares her Chappelle experience, adding, “He trusts his audience enough to know that even if they disagree with him, they can kind of accept it and decide what they agree with, what they think is funny, where they think the line is. You want to be able to have unpopular opinions out there because that sort of gives you a barometer of how you feel about something. If everybody’s being totally politically correct, then it’s a lie.”

Listen to the pair keep it all the way real about having FOMO during parties and sponsored Instagram posts on the latest episode of In Real Life below.

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