‘In Real Life’ Ep. 8: Miss Info & Angie Martinez on Parenthood & Fame

‘In Real Life’ Ep. 8: Miss Info & Angie Martinez on Parenthood & Fame

Angie Martinez and Miss Info exchange revelations on everyone from parenthood to fame on the latest episode of In Real Life. Martinez, who is mom to 14-year-old Niko, and Info, whose son is 2-year-old Max, discuss building character and shaping their kids into good humans

“I think that’s my job as a parent — it’s a couple of things,” Martinez says. “One, it’s to protect your child, but it’s also to make sure you raise a good human being, and so when I see signs of you going in a wrong direction, it is my job to snatch you back.”

“For the most part, parents are a lot more focused on skills like ambition, getting places, studying and all these other life skills and they don’t necessarily focus on the character stuff as much,” Info adds, “because how many talented, hard-working ambitious people we know that are total assholes, unsocialized, they’re miserable and you don’t want to deal with them at all?”

Martinez then gifts free parenting advice, noting that coddling your children doesn’t help them flourish. “I think sometimes what happens is with parents, when you give your kids too much or you do too much for your kids, you do them a disservice because you don’t allow them the time to learn some shit for themselves,” she says. “If you don’t allow your kid to have responsibility and accountability, you think you’re being a good mom, but, really, you’re doing them a disservice because they don’t fully evolve. They don’t fully learn the steps what it takes to be accountable, responsible and I had to learn that.”

The Power 105.1 host then uses one of her recent interview subjects, Yo Gotti, as a stellar example of accountability. Raised by seven women in Memphis and a hustler in the streets selling drugs, the rapper was supporting his family at the age of 14.

“This is to tell you what a 14-year-old is actually capable of,” Martinez says. “So Yo Gotti who had to run the streets and hustle sell drugs to feed his family, nobody set his alarm clock. That’s what he said. ‘I was the first one in the trap; I was the last one to leave. Nobody taught me how to do that. I had to do that to survive and that has given me the hustling power to do what I do now.’”

Info looks at the bigger picture. “That’s the beauty of hip-hop in general, is, I think, that the skills and personality traits that make you really good at something that’s negative can also build you and make you into the star that you wanna be,” she says.

The ladies then delve into light-hearted banter as Martinez gives the insider’s look into Rihanna’s recent charity event, The Diamond Ball in New York. Having what she describes as “the best seat in the house” next to Cardi B, she watched as prominent celebrities like Gayle King, La La and the night’s host, Dave Chappelle, snapped pictures with the “Bodak Yellow” rapstress. Martinez also applauded the way Cardi B handled the room, saying that she is “way savvier than people give her credit for.”

The Bardi banter triggered a discussion about different levels of fame and how easy it is to get lost in the lights. “Surround yourself with the regular people that take you to a safer, more grounded place,” Info advises.

Info and Martinez also discuss the noble actions of Nick Cannon, who had gifted R&B singer Kehlani with an apartment when she was couch-surfing as a homeless teen, and Jamie Foxx, who let a young, pre-fame Ed Sheeran crash his couch. They then ask each other and their listeners, “Do you do things for people like that? What’s the nicest thing you’ve done for somebody without wanting anything back?”

For the “Recommendations” portion of the show, Info shouts out Moment, an app that analyzes how much time you spend on your phone. “By being mindful of that, you can start reducing it,” she says. Martinez offers a rec on the fly with cryotherapy, praising its effects in reducing bodily inflammation.

Take notes with Episode 8 of In Real Life below.

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