Inside The Label: Uptown Records

Inside The Label: Uptown Records

I have the pleasure of narrating a new show on BET titled Inside The Label, which tells the story of legendary labels in music.

I love this show because I feel documenting history is very important for the culture and it gives the new generation a chance to learn about the music and people who impacted those of us who where kids in the ’80s and ’90s. I’m so glad a lot of our heroes have lived long enough to tell their own stories.

The first episode of Inside The Label is about one of the most classic labels of all time: Uptown Records. I can honestly say, now that I’m older, I appreciate the brand of “Ghetto Fabolous” that house and founder Andre Harrell provided. Memorial Day weekend will soon be upon us and I tweeted out the night this aired that I will absolutely be listening to The Best of Uptown Records as I’m sitting around the pool smoking a cigar, drinking some Cognac, and eating some good food with my family. Then I remembered, damn, I got extended family out here in these streets and it’s whoever decided to click this link to TIDAL and check out this playlist.

So family, I can’t say this is “The Best of Uptown,” but I will say these are some of my favorites from Uptown. The hits run wayyyyyy deeper than this, but I promise you the songs on this playlist will provide a vibe, and that’s what Uptown was all about; a vibe I appreciate even more now that I’m a grown-ass married man with kids!

So enjoy some of Charlamagne Tha God’s favorites from Uptown Records. Salute to Andre Harrell and Diddy; living legends walking amongst us.Happy Memorial Day Weekend! #RealVibesOnly from your friendly neighborhood radio guy, Charlamagne Tha God….

*   *   *

First off, ya’ll going to put some respect on Father MC’s name. I feel like Diddy got a lot his style from Father MC, not musically but aesthetically. I thought they were brothers for the longest time. These two joints are ill and if you listen to these records, they are both tutorials for how we should treat our women. How we went from talking about our ladies like this to “Bitches Ain’t Shit” I still can’t quite figure out, but I do know when you see a bunch of no-good women I guarantee it’s some no-good men that made them that way. Listen to Father MC’s ”I’ll Do For You” and “Treat Them Like They Want To Be Treated” and get refocused my brothers.


Man, rest in peace Heavy D. The brother was dope as fuck and to this day I think he was wearing a fat suit. Dancing fat guy was all a gimmick to sell records, and it worked! Wasn’t no such thing as a fly fat rapper before Heavy D. Biggie Smalls, Rick Ross…. they all got that aura from Heavy! These records just feel good. #RealVibesOnly


The one beef I have with Uptown Records is they single-handily made Beige Lives Matter. Waffle-colored, khaki-colored negroes were never in until Uptown introduced us to this guy, but I’m not going to hate his art because of his complexion. It’s not his fault he’s the color of dirty urine but this is a great record…


Guy is one of the greatest R&B groups ever. Kids, I know you’re sitting there thinking, What is a group? Well back in my day we used to have those and these guys where one of the greatest ever. Teddy Riley was a superproducer in every sense of the word and R.Kelly needs to be brought up on charges of identity theft for stealing Aaron Hall’s whole everything. I can’t believe the culture let R. Kelly pee on little girls and steal Aaron Hall’s whole aura. I will forever slander R.Kelly for these two offenses but Long Live Guy!!!


Christopher Williams might have been the first person I ever hated on. He was the Desiigner to Al B. Sure’s Future, I cheered when Nino Brown stabbed him in the hand on New Jack City. In fact when Nino Brown snitched on him at the end of New Jack City I didn’t even consider it snitching because I could totally see why the educated beige brother from the bank deserved to be in prison but hey this record is fire. Just forget he’s light skin and you will really enjoy it….


I don’t know much about Jeff Redd. I just know he is responsible for getting Mary J. Blige signed to Uptown Records and that this “You Called and Told Me” record is flames!!!!


Another group, kids. Ya’ll really don’t have these anymore do you? Soul for Real was really talented I don’t know what the fuck happened to them but at least we have some fire tunes to remember them by. By the way I don’t trust people who can’t sing “Candy Rain” verbatim….


Mary J. Blige is a national treasure and should be protected at all costs. She’s a musical icon. I’m talking on the level of the greats like Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna, Elton John, Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder, Patti Labelle… Mary J. should be held in that regard. Everybody loves Mary J. Blige and if it wasn’t for Uptown Records we wouldn’t have her…..


Fresh Tune. I used to love Monifah’s voice….


I don’t know much about Horace Brown. I used to think him and Jeff Redd was the same person and didn’t even realize it was different people singing this record until later in life. Horace Brown made great music but he had a face like a scammer…..


Mcgruff was dope to me and this record was fire because the hook taught me to always tell women my intentions before we started fucking. Just be straight up with them, it works.

*   *   *

Charlamagne Tha God has been a force in Hip-Hop culture and entertainment for years. Besides his current gig narrating BET’s Inside The Label, the outspoken media personality serves as co-host of the nationally syndicated radio show The Breakfast Club, as well as starring in MTV2′s Guy Code and his latest show Uncommon Sense, not to mention his formidable following on Twitter and Instagram. Read his Soundtrack To My Life feature with TIDAL here.

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