Interstellar Overdrive: Through The Lens of Pink Floyd

Interstellar Overdrive: Through The Lens of Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd is one the most influential bands of the past 40 years.

Their legacy is wide and sprawling over various periods and genres. On this playlist we narrate the story of Pink Floyd’s keystone influence, as told through the music they inspired or grew from, tracing their musical journey from early roots to successive generations of descendents.

From their whimsical beginnings in the late ‘60s, to becoming groundbreaking icons in the ‘70s, and ending up as stadium-sized (if internally fragmented) giants, Pink Floyd are founded on a diverse range of musical styles, where majestic atmospheres, dark poetry, distinctive musicianship, and constant aural experimentation are spun into a singular sonic universe.

Taking their name from the two bluesmen, Pink Anderson and Floyd Council, they laid their foundations where most English rock outfits of the era did: the blues. Early Floyd also took influence from R&R, folk music and the likes of their peers like The Soft Machine, Gong and Love.

Within a few years Pink Floyd went from being part of a defining scene to setting new standards all their own. Pushing off from an artsy, psychedelic heritage they expanded into the unknown, shifting in shape and size, to become one of the biggest bands in the world.

Pink Floyd has inspired countless artists, both directly in term of music and sound, and even more so in terms of vision, aesthetic, conceptualism and possibility.

On this playlist we make room for all these players, starting with some of Pink Floyd’s own inspirations, moving on to a selection of similar-sounding ’60s contemporaries, evolving into the sounds they pioneered in the ‘70s, and meandering through the ever-widening gene pool into the present day. It’s a long, twisted lineage, but they all owe some sort of debt to Floyd.

With this list of songs we aim to focus on diversity and development, rather than compiling a complete collection of “similar artists.” From Piedmont blues and art rock, to progressive symphonies and indie electronica – this is the sound of Pink Floyd through the lenses of others artists.

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